First Aid Training - Are You Certified?

When I was a Girl Scout Leader I had to be First Aid and CPR certified. I’ve taken multiple classes over the years and added AED certification as well when I was a massage therapist.

What First Aid Certifications Do You Have?

  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • AED
  • Stop the Bleed
  • Other (please list below)

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How have you used your certification?

Not trained? We have a great book to get you started: Emergency First Aid Fundamentals and some of our instructors teach it as well. Here are other training links that may help: Stop the Bleed, Red Cross Classes, and Amerian Heart Association. There are a bunch of other training offers out there, find a reputable organization for your education.

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I am not trained, but that is on my ‘hot list’. I have a medical background, so it should be easy to pick up. I got a certificate as an NRA Range Safety Officer recently, and I would like to get my First Aid and CPR certs so I can respond if anything happens on the range. I plan on doing this as soon as I can afford it.

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None :cry::cry:

Maybe I should take a CPR class or something like…


CPR Pro (includes basic first aid, touched on stop the bleed and fully included AED)
Recently my “company” has been hosting Active Shooter seminars which includes Stop The Bleed training.

Under “other” which i forgot to check on the poll:
Temperature regulation (what to do for hypo/hyperthermia)
Anatomy of a Burn (first aid for burns ranging from fire to chemical to radiation)

Next month I’m attending a seminar on Human Trafficking, I’ve been told there’s a medical/first aid portion there too, though I’m not entirely sure what that is.

Personally, I would say that first aid training is as important as your firearm training.

You are more likely to need your first aid training than you will need your firearm training. There are so many times you might need to use first aid/ car accidents, falls, kitchen accidents, heart attacks, cuts, broken bones, choking… and if you have kids that list gets a TON longer :rofl:


Cannot :sleepy:
All my certifications are not valid in US… and that’s a story of life… cannot do what you want… no time to validate certifications :pensive:

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I got a little one on the way so it would not hurt to get some of that knowledge in!

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I’m a first responder where I work. I have first aid, CPR and AED training.

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Legally, I have to say “I have had.” As it was a regular part of our Company’s employee training programs, refreshed at least every couple of years. Since I have not done more than refresh and update my knowledge base from YouTube presentations and or courses like the one in the USCCA eLearning set during the past 10 years I’m no longer certified. I’m better prepared for a medical event but would be operating under States’ Good Samaritan Laws/protections; ready to turn over to professionals once they are on scene and ready to take over.

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Since I am retired, I had the time to take a 3 month EMT basic course at a local community college. It was an eyeopening and really excellent course and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in doing something like that. It also really helped me put together a good IFAK for my daily carry bag


First Aid, CPR and Wilderness First Aid. Not required to have, but helpful as a Scout Master and helps me pass it on and train with the boys in my Troop to make sure they have their skills squared away and practice regularly.

I’ve used it on a few occasions with a couple of the boys with some minor injuries.

However, 4yrs ago my son slipped and fell in the shower putting a huge gash in the back of his head…mom and sister started freaking out and I literally jumped up from my chair into action. I didn’t even realize that’d I had done all the first aid stuff I had until after the doctor had started pulling my first aid efforts off his head and was putting the staples in his head in the ER (we live 5min from closest hospital so I tossed him in the truck and beat feet there vs waiting for an ambulance).

I wasn’t scared/panicked during…but danged if even today thinking about it doesn’t send chills down my back.

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I said other. I was certified in AED and first aid, until my certification expired. A few years back, my wife and I thought about opening a daycare. We both got certified for that purpose. Plans changed, and we didn’t go that route. I never got recertification.

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Congratulations, @Randall318! My twins were 3 months premature (not that you can tell now) and before they went home we had to take a first aid course.

I have had to use the infant/child Heimlich on my granddaughter because she loves cheese pretzels but doesn’t chew them enough. It was terrifying, but at least I knew what to do and that helped me keep calm.

She did go right back for the pretzels afterward, but I refuse to give her any more until she’s older and chews her food more.

I spent 24 years in the military and 22 of them as a Corpsmen, the last 10 as an Independent Duty Corpsman (Provider), so I have had more initials behind my name for medical certs than I can even remember. I have had the unfortunate honor to practice my trade overseas to mostly good result. On the range (even in dynamic courses) I have not had to do anything extravagant, mostly twisted pick a joint, lumps, bumps, burns cuts, scrapes, SPLINTERS, BEE STINGS, poison ivy/oak/sumac and the occasional ear plug the got stuffed waaaayyyy down the ear canal.

IMHO and what used to be professional opinion if you can breathe in and breathe out and conduct life as a “normal” person you should have some form of basic first aid training. I wish they made a course entitled Home Medicine in High School, of course I wish they would bring back shop class too. I have mixed emotions about certifications (probably because most of mine were instructor cert’s and all the baggage that goes with them) . It is not hard to educate yourself in First Aid, “Stop the bleed” basic CPR and air way obstruction. One should also learn a few things about basic medications, Aspirin, Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, Insulin, epi-pens, Tec-Nu and Burn Gel are at the top of my list. I guess I should add Narcan for opioid OD nowadays. Information is available and worth more than what Google will cost you.



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That is crazy because the doctor is swearing to twins for me and my girl :grimacing:

But thank you! After talking to Leah about this, she does seem to agree with the idea of first-aid (Which getting her to agree is very uncommon)!
So more than likely we will take together now!

Get the training! Get the kit! Carry the kit! It really sucks when someone dies in front of you and you can’t do anything about it.