Emergency First

Just completed my instructor training, I am very excited to add it to my resume. My only question is , is the course we offer approved but the Red Cross and or dose it meet the Red Cross standards ?


Highly recommend adding the First Aid app to your phone also. It can walk just about anyone through basic needs.


Any first aid training is a good thing to have. Nothing better than having the person next to you being able to assist you with a bullet wound or knife wound. I gained my first knowledge and training in the Marine Corps and even though I am a chef now, I could tell you about knife wounds too!


If you want to have a credential recognized by the general public, a Red Cross certification is essential. Specifically for CPR/AED, American Heart Association is also known and recognized.
However, in the world of firearms, you should have training in trauma response with use of wound packing and tourniquets, which neither RC nor AHA offer. Start with the national program Stop the Bleed! and then move on for more. For online videos, take the free training offered by Mountain Man Medical (also a good supplier of quality first aid gear). Several national level trainers include hands on training in trauma care in their programs, including Greg Ellifritz and John Murphy.
Finally, once you understand the gear you will need, do NOT buy from Amazon or eBay. There are too many offerings of counterfeit tourniquets on both, which are demonstrably inferior to genuine products. In addition to Mountain Man Medical, other reliable sources are North American Rescue and Dark Angel Medical.


I started out early I became a 2nd lieutenant on a heavy rescue team then went into USMC after that became a Navy CB and went through advanced Combat Life Saver so I have some training. My wife is an RN. I have IFAKs all over the place and large kits in our vehicles plus a very large kit in the house. I can’t say enough good things about My Medic yeah they’re expensive but quality costs more My wife and myself love them.