Pew Pew Tactical article on First Aid Classes

Pew Pew Tactical has a good article on First Aid Classes and I thought I would share it here.

Best First Aid Classes for Beginners & Intermediates [Ultimate Guide] - Pew Pew Tactical

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I would recommend USCCA’s course on Emergency First Aid Fundamentals.


That’s a good article and good list of courses. I’ve done a lot of Red Cross courses over the past 40 years and the NOLS Wilderness First Aid course, plus a couple of FEMA cert courses on sanitation and safety in “field” environments.

Anybody seriously taking the next step from “This is a gun, point that end away from you” NEEDS First Aid/CPR/Stop the bleed courses. As you become more advanced learning about anatomy and the human body becomes more useful. For example the highest percentage “stop them right now” shots are high chest / low neck and the pelvis. Center mass is good but there are better places to stick a boolit to stop a threat if you can train to that level of proficiency. I can promise you one thing, over the course of your life you will use medical training significantly more often than you will gun training.




Absolutely! And a good academic foundation in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and neuroscience certainly helps every physical discipline I can think of.

I always have a tourniquet, compression bandage, and chest valve in my vehicle and range bag along with other first aid items. But my EMT and wilderness first aid training are well out of date. Need to brush up and practice using the first aid tools to keep the training fresh.


You are so very correct
I took my first CPR/First Aid / Water Safety training when I was 14 to get my Sr. Life Guard Certification as a Life Guard.
Ive been a Instructor/Trainer for the past 30 years. I have had my CCDW for the past 15 years and carry every day.
I have used my first aid skills many times - on the construction site - in the field while hunting - providing aid to accident victims.
The only time my firearm has been out of the holster is during training and cleaning - I thank GOD daily

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I also took and passed the ARC Adv Lifeguard course at 14, and then the Water Safety Instructor at 16.

My Get Home bag has become a first aid, Trauma Kit. I believe I need to trim the load I guess! Not eliminating the trauma kit or first aid but reduce it so it fits better.

it is great to know - but even first aid/cpr needs to be practiced - if you don’t use it you loose it. In my job, construction safety, I use it quite often for minor things. I try to incorporate some of the basics when I teach the Basic Firearms Safety, there are so many NEW gun owners who have never held a firearm - never mind own one. They get tangled up in the slide - the hammer of the revolver strikes their thumb - just like closing a car door on your hand, they leave a finger inside the frame and try to roll the cylinder in place. So many things - always practicing :slight_smile:

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