Fire arm upgrades


Any particular upgrades you’ve done that you’re glad you did (or ones you wish you hadn’t done)? Make, model and generation if it matters. What was the end result, any great noticeable difference?


1911 compensators are awesome


otherwise i got this;-)… but i love working on weapons… hoping to get into a armorer school of some kinds soon


All my Glocks gen 3 vickers tactical tango down slide stop replacing glock factory standard and extended parts plus size magazine releases are a bit larger than standard but not as far out there as extended magazine releases. Then I also replaced my Glock 26 with a metal guide rod.

Mossberg 500a ATI pistol grip stock with scorpion recoil pad and HFD2 pumpkin puncher breacher

Archangel g36 marauder stock kit for Ruger 10/22

AR15 style rifles
-juggernaut tactical hellfighter fixed mag CA compliant kits, replaced previous set up of armaglocks with mean arms loader
-extended mag release buttons

.223 Wylde rifle
-MFT minimalist stock
-magpul K2 grip
-magpul vert grip
-ambi charging handle
-ambi safety selector
-helius tactical vectorcomp

5.56 rifle
-Daniel defense furniture
-Daniel defense iron sights

.300 BO rifle
-strike industries enhanced castle nut extended end plate
-pistol length gas system
-magpul moe MDI wildfire stock and grip kit

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AA9130 stock, timney drop in triger on a 1941 9130. The owner before me welded an angle for a scope mount so I didn’t feel too bad. Eventually i want to cut about 6 inches off and thread the barrle for a suppressor

The 1911 comp was a gift from my wife, not completely functional but the extra weight does a pretty good job on cutting down muzzle rise
No picture, but I also put a Houge grip on my S&W bodyguard .38 (made it 100% more pleasant to shoot especially with +p rounds)


You all make me want to go shopping! :laughing:


So far the only upgrade I’ve done and, stuck with is to replace the two finger grip that was factory installed on my S&W model 637-2 j frame with a three finger version .


My friend is at a gun show right now sending me pics of the Sig stuff. He is trying to get me divorced!

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I bruise if someone looks at me so my hubby put stuff in my Keltec sub 2000 to make the recoil less. He really needs to do this for my AR. We put a gripper thingy on the front to help pull it into your shoulder and a sleeve that protects your cheek from the hot metal. Other than that, I really just want my P938 cerakoted in leopard.


I changed out the front sight on my 6 inch GP100 for a HiViz fiber optic. Easy upgrade, and well worth it. I do believe, I’m ready to step up to a WEIG-A-TINNY rail, and something like a Burris Fast Fire holographic sight for that gun.

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MyAr-9 build for PCC (pistol caliber carbine), all the best into this. Everyone that has shot it says it’s not fair, it’s like shooting a BB gun, she’s swwweeeet. I built this from the ground up.


Glock 19 gen 4

Upgraded the sights to XS F8 night sights. Can’t wait for them to make them for my Sig P365. I absolutely love these sights

Also put in a Rangerproof fire drop in trigger. At first i was disappointed but i added a couple drops of oil and it took it from a gun i enjoyed shooting to a gun i will never leave at home on a range day


Do you run glock mags on the AR9?


I’m glad you have that pistol length gas system on the .300 blk out, or they don’t eat!

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No Colt mags, I used the Hahn precision conversion block top drop in, it’s permanent.


Nice, I was considering a 9mm build using endomags any thoughts or input on them? Thanks


Ken, I’m not sure what an endomag is, I apologize for not knowing, I even googled it to try to learn, but couldn’t find any results. Before building a 9mm PCC, do a lot of research, they are a blow back system instead of being gas piston or direct impingement, this changes the whole build as we know it. I am a big fan of JP enterprises. Their silent captured buffer/spring assembly, bolt and bolt carrier are awesome, I’m also a big fan of the Tac-Con 3-MR trigger system. The Hahn precision drop in permanent conversion block is awesome, convert any AR lower into a 9mm. with this. Also by JP, the MK-III hand guards, and barrels are awesome. The YHM (yankee hill machine) YHM-85-A slanted muzzle brakes are one of the only brakes out there that I know of that actually work how they should. So there’s a lot of information for you, please let me know if you have any questions, I’ve built about 8 of these for other competitors, they have to supply the lower, I do the rest. Hope this helps a bit. :sunglasses:

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This is my latest build, it’s an AR-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor. Matched billet Spikes upper and lower, many great parts into this one. It’s capable out to about 1500 yards, give or take. She’s a beast. Have to reload ammo for this, has a very specific recipe for ammo. Extremely accurate. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the info Steve.

I appreciate your advice and experience. PCC is new territory and the regulations here in CA for centerfire platforms with certain features would require ridiculous processes for compliance with the state.

Mean Arms has this great product called the Mean Loader. I used it with my previous fixed mag configuration to load at the range as it worked like a stripper feed system reloading via the ejection port.

They came out with this EndoMag conversion product for both non regulated states and 10rd regulated for here in CA they offer a 10/30 complete mag all ready to go. The pic from their website shows the product installed with the specs on how to convert your pmag to run with uppers having glock or colt variant bcgs and a standard AR15 style lower without a magwell adapter.

It seems great as advertised but wondering about if you’ve heard of any feeding, cycling, if return to battery or last shot functioning. If they’re built to last or start wearing down. Would hate to start a build only to wind up having to fall back on the featureless options which for me are a no go, don’t like them


I did see the fixed mag ARs, I saw the stripper clips, didn’t know they were called Endomags, (my bad), I don’t know much about them Ken, but I do know my PCC build has probably 10,000+ rounds through it and it feels like it’s just broken in, everything is still tight and doesn’t rattle at all. I have really no malfunctions any more, along with building your own, comes a little tweaking, I’ve seen some Beretta Storm PCCs that sound like a box of chiclets. I also made up my own load recipe for my 9mm’s that works great in my PCC and is universal for all of my 9mm’s. The Colt mags I use are great, 32 rounds, which makes for a less mag changes in USPSA, there’s a 10 round limit for IDPA, so it’s no help there. Anyhoo, good luck with California law bud, I thought Massachusetts was bad, yikes. :sunglasses: