Fiber Optic Night Sight?

Does anybody know of a fiber optic tube replacement that doubles as a night sight? I already have the fiber optic sight that holds a replaceable fiber optic, but wondering if there are any replacement tubes that are also “glow in the dark”.

Looked at Truglo’s website and found complete sight replacements, but not just DIY tube replacements.

Gary H

Truglow makes a combo tritium/ fiber optic. Just put a set on my CZ-work well.

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Thanks @Dwayne, this is what I have and was thinking maybe someone makes an 0.060" diameter "glow in the dark " replacement tube on the cheap :grinning:

This one doesn’t "glow in the dark "

I have never seen, or heard of, a replacement fiber that would “glow”. Basically, get the TFO.

I have done a bunch of low/no light shooting with just a fiber front sight. They pick up available light darn good. YMMV

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