Best Glock night sights for CC?


So… I’ve decided to upgrade the sights on my Glock G21. Yes, ok, it’s pretty big for an EDC, but it is my truck gun. I’m looking for the lightpipe sort… I think … with red front, green rear, metal construction (not plastic, because what if you have to rack one-handed on your belt?) I’m looking at the HiViz sights with the interchangeable light pipes (different color options):

image image

but also looking at the tritium gas sights… but they come only in green for the front sight:


they look pretty easy to install.

Anyone have an opinion on why I should choose the lightpipe or the tritium gas? or a different type or brand?

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You can get replacement inserts. I do not know about their tritium gas sights but the replacement kits of the PC Shield 9 comes with everything needed to completely even change around what color is where.


Hey @BJP :slight_smile: it looks like the lightpipe model comes with red/green/white/black inserts. I don’t think the tritium ones are interchangeable inserts - those come as fixed colors.
Have you used either of these? How do you like them?


I like the Truglo TXF Pro… All steel construction, tritium & fiber optic for day and night. A nice 90* degree angle on the rear sight for one handed operation, and tough as nails. They are a little more pricey than most other options but well worth the price. The other fantastic option and my personal favorite (but CCW firearms only) are the XS Big Dot 2’s. There is no “faster” sight on the market period. A lot of pros, trainers, and folks in law enforcement carry these sights on their backup/CCW firearms. The only downside is that beyond about 50 yards it becomes difficult to put shots on a target accurately. But who’s engaging a target with a CCW handgun at 50 yards? I carry XS sights on my G19, and P320 and you’d be hard pressed to convince me that there is anything better.

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I have the lightpipe on two S&W firearms, the PC Shield 9 and the Victory 22. I was worried about breaking/losing a lightpipe on the PC Shield 9 since that is my carry gun. I love the lightpipe sights with my bad eyes.

Since I was worried about breaking/losing a lightpipe I have practiced without the inserts in. The frame the lightpipes goes in is just fine by themselves in a pinch.

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Anything from Xs sights. I love the big dots but it’s an acquired taste

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I have upgraded my Glock sights to the truglo sights. The sights were not that difficult to swap out. Just that rear sight and getting it centered so that you can shot straight…

Did this with just a simple punch tool and a block of wood.

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Trijicon HD XR’s.

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I can’t speak to them Glock sights, but the Hi-Viz brand. I have a Hi-Viz front sight in my hunting revolver. The light pipes are easy to change, since it comes with a tool, that also stores the light pipes. Mine came with red, green, and white. After trying all 3, I went with the red. In even the lowest of lighting, it really picks up the light and it is very visible. Like I said, this is a deer gun/target gun. Deer harvesting can be done 1/2 hour before sunrise and 1/2 hour after sundown. The sight is extremely visible in those conditions. The on,y time is isn’t, is full darkness.

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That’s a really useful way to prep… going to do that.


Thank you everyone for the options, going to go do a bit of checking into all of those! Soooooo nice to have a place where I can come get answers. And @Rob71, welcome to the group!

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I heard somewhere :wink: to train for the possibility not the probability


I’m going to try some sights from Dawson Precision. It may be a little bit before I can properly test them on my Gen 5 G19, but I have had good luck with them on other pistols. I will make a post after I’ve installed and run them. Good luck with your search!

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