Favorite Defensive Keychain?

Our keys go with us everywhere. What do you have on your keychain that you can use for your self-defense?

Do you carry a defensive key chain?

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This company was at the Expo and the keychains felt good in my hand.

I didn’t feel like they’d hurt too badly if you put it in your pocket and forgot about it, unlike other keychains that are very pointy.



I used to have a kubotan on my keychain… been flying with that for 15 years and the last time I flew they took it away from me :angry:

Really? What airport was that in? I know someone who got through security in a number of airports with a fake knife on them. And someone else I know got through with ammo in their backpack!

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My local home town airport of Springfield MO… they were totally nice about it, and I’d had it through there dozens of times before so I’m thinking they had some recent training that highlighted it. Made me sad though… alwAys made it easy to find my keys, aside from its obvious self defense utility.
I really hate flying.

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