Pocket Dump: At Airport Security

You’re taking your first vacation in ages and are flying somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Knowing you cannot take your firearm or knife on the plane, you have to rely on other tools in the airport in case you need to defend yourself.

What self-defense tools are in your pocket after you get through airport security?


@Dawn I have to be honest here. I’m not flying I set off all the alarms in the building, I wish you saw me when I had jury duty security was running around the court house like their hair was on fire. I’m driving because I’m full of medical steel implants all over my body.
Left steel full hip implants, Shoulder implants (Steel); Partial cranial implant (Steel), and hand implant Left side also steel. But I’m a very young feeling guy and all is great and I look younger than my age, my brother is 2 years younger and looks a lot older than I. Maybe a pen and flashlight.


If I fly again I think I’d prefer to do so contracting a private flight or sharing a co-ownership’s flight plan to an area of the world I’d seek to travel. I used to love flying. I used to love driving. Now, it seems I love my home - a lot.

But I do miss woods, mountains, streams, and pristine rivers; campsites in all the above with friends and good companionship. I really have to get out more often.

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I laugh at airport security.
I laugh from outside the perimeter fence because I don’t fly, period. I protect myself at the airport by not being at the airport. Easy-peasy.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


A tactical pen and a credit card knife.

I will have others but I won’t mention them publicly.


Man, that is a tricky question.

I guess these “hands” since they are like guns anyways :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

No. but seriously, I guess my keys are always a weapon…
Can you take pepper spray? I suppose that’s a stupid question because I know that more than likely a no…hmmm I’ll have to keep thinking about this one!

I flew home yesterday and my attitude was a big part of what I had with me for my defense after I went through airport security. My kids will tell you that no one wants to take me on when I’m tired and crabby - which I was at the airport yesterday morning. Never discount your attitude as part of your self-defense. Granted… that’s not in your pocket…

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True story. Once I was going to court and had my knife in my pocket. I opened up the news paper box and put my knife under all the papers. Did the same then I left and thankfully it was still there. Ok lies, this actually happened twice. The 2nd time I put it in the bushes.

Happened once at the airport once too.

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You are a wise man! :smile:

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