Pocket Dump: what's on your keyring?

For being so small, a keyring tool can have a BIG impact. From a knife to a kubaton to a paracord sap, there are many things you can carry on your keyring to help you defend yourself in a place where you might not be allowed to carry a firearm.

What self-defense tool do you have on your keyring?


None & carry a leather key case.

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E2D-Led defender w/crenelated bezel and 1000 lumens. Passes through metal detectors, aircraft and courthouse worthy.


I was told that the more weight on the key chain, the more starter problems you will have…I don’t know that to be a fact, but I went down to a few keys as a result… I have a kore essentials belt and just carry a light and my weapon on that instead of on my keys

A large heavy St Benedict’s medal, because a roll of quarters doesn’t fit on my key chain


None. Also, I keep my car keys seperate from my main keys (there’s a lot).

I have a hard enough time getting my main keys out of my pockets (sometimes the key rings get caught on the stitching in my pockets) that I designated other pockets (and when possible, belt pouches) to things that I want quick access to.

That being said, when I had to wear scrubs, I sometimes kept some sort of multitool with me. My LM Juice was the handiest, I used a Gerber Curve keyring MT for awhile, and replaced it with a LM Squirt plus mini light (not currently in use). None of these things I would designate as SD tools, though.

I carry the car fob, and attached to it I have a key to my range’s gate and another to my USCCA Partner Gun Store, yep, he gave me my own key :laughing:

On my keyring…just the keys/keyfob themselves (oh and a rewards card)…but my pockets are full of EDC…just not on my keyring.