Father saves his family from terrorists


That last part is incredibly sad. That’s the type of news that needs to be seen on mainstream media, the horrific truth about what happened that day.

In regards to the interview, that guy’s a perfect example of doing everything right under the circumstances. He retreated into the most defendable area he had, his family was as out of harm’s way as they could be, he didn’t venture out to see if it was over, and he shot at anything that tried to come inside. Exactly what anyone should do in a similar situation.

On a side note, it’s yet another example of why every law abiding citizen should own and know how to use guns.



  1. Don’t live in areas near people who hate/resent you. These were homes 1k from Gaza. In the US, this means don’t choose to live in the cesspools our cities have become.
  2. If you have a safe room (and you should if you ignore lesson #1), it should be structured to withstand a structure fire.
  3. Own a rifle.

I like rule 3

I would propose
4. Elect governments that dont let problems fester for 70 years.


The majority of Americans no longer do something as simple as color in a bubble on a ballot that’s mailed to them, and good people don’t run for office, so option 4 really isn’t realistic in my view, but it’s a nice aspiration.

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But hypothetically speaking, would you vote for a candidate, who promises to deport 8 million (which is 1/4 of what needs to happen), or would you wait for a “good person”(in your understanding) and risk the problem with organized crime and cartels to reach Pancho Villa proportions?
You must know who Pancho Villa was and what he had done.


So why don’t you run for office with deportation and imprisonment of 32 million people is your platform and see how much political traction that has? It will have about as much political traction as “Let’s balance the budget, limit spending to the taxes collected and then raise taxes high enough to pay down the $33 TRILLION of debt the nation has accumulated.”

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You would need to promise the voters the opposite, then once in office push your agenda, even if it violates the Constitution.


Yes, imitate successful presidents, like Obama.