5 Things I’m willing to Give Up For A Safer America


I like this guy! Hes right. I need to go find more by him.


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I agree with all he said. I would add that we go back to when you were truly punished for the crimes you commit against others. I am a strong believer in the death penalty, and I do not believe that you should have to have committed premeditated murder to receive such a sentence. In my eyes, a raped woman or child will be affected the rest of their lives. It should cost the perpetrators theirs. I would say the same about someone permanently maimed in an attack.


The political and corporate mentalities when ever anything goes wrong is to create policies that punish and/or compromise the innocent along with the guilty. If a police officer does something wrong, the policy, which was adequate before the event, gets changed to remove any flexibility. The same happens in the corporate world. One person comes to work inappropriately dressed, a new policy gets put in place making everyone suffer. And it is becoming worse every day!


@MikeBKY, that’s the way of any large organization. In the name of efficiency they want to deal with a problem only once, and they want a simple, easy to understand,
no grey area rule with swift and certain consequences. That way they can put on their halos and say, “See? We’re completely fair. We treat everybody the same.”

And that’s when you begin to learn the difference between fairness and justice. Fairness, when you define it as treating everyone the same, can lead to gross miscarriages of justice.

For instance, if the law were to be “fair” in this way, then taking a life with a firearm could require a mandatory sentence of, say, life in prison with no parole. That might be fair, but is it justice? For justice you have to ask not just what happened but how and why did it happen.

Was it an accident? An accident might be negligent or even reckless, without being deliberate or intentional. Was it part of another criminal act, like robbery? Could it have been the result of a self defense situation? If so, was it the first reaction or a last resort? Think of all the other ways it could happen that aren’t the end result of criminal activity or murderous intent.

We, as a nation, should demand justice for all. It’s much better than fairness for all.

Beside, it keeps the lawyers busy.


Excellent find. This guy is right on.

A really good video and I agree with him. The part on arming teachers is one I go back and forth on though. I understand the premise of it. Being someone that has an 8th grader and another that’s a senior in high school I struggle with this. Mainly due to the fact of my lack of trust in most people. I know I can’t be there to defend my children in the event of a school shooting. However my lack of trust in the teachers in our school district I struggle with whether I can trust them to be able to defend my children. After all no one will love or defend a child as much as that childs parent. But that’s just me and my feelings.


I look at it this way, is it better for the students to have a teacher armed with a chance to defend them or, not have any teacher armed with NO chance to defend them.

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Like I said I understand the premise of arming them. As a parent I do want my kids to be safe. When you don’t have faith in the teachers to fight their way out of a wet paper sack it’s hard to trust that they could or would defend your child with their life. I don’t even trust that my ex, their parent, would do that. I just don’t trust anyone, not with that.

No offense but I don’t even trust that you would defend my child with your life. I say this because I can’t say for 100% that I would defend someone else’s child with my life. I’m not in that situation so it’s hard to say whether I would or wouldn’t. I wish I could say for a fact that I would but it’s not the case. I carry for selfish reasons. That’s for protecting myself and mine. Not for the protection of others.

With all of this said as a parent you do have to give up control and hope for the best. You have to give up control to others that are in care of your children. You hope that they will take care of your kids and bring them back to you the way they came to them. Even so that doesn’t mean I have to trust that they would defend my child with their life.


Lacy, I would like to say this about that. Teachers who would carry as a choice would most likely be doing it just for that reason. To defend the children. Should the need ever arise, the shooter, realizing he is being shot at, would then turn attention to the teacher. He or she is now defending the children with their lives. That is my view of it.

@George16 I haven’t once said that they couldn’t carry just that I go back and forth on them defending my child. All of the good intentions in the world are just that good intentions until they are not. Let’s face it, there are many people out there that carry and don’t train with their firearm let alone have ever fired one past their CC permit class.

One year at one of the orientation meetings the school holds to meet your kids teachers the parents were given a handout from the teachers. This handout had questions with answers to choose on it showing some of the things our kids will be learning. Several of the parents including my ex and I noticed one of the questions didn’t have a correct answer. We brought this to the attention of the teachers. They were dumbfounded and their only response was that math wasn’t their strong suit. Not their strong suit yet they would be teaching their students math. This was for my daughter’s class. The same year for my son’s class his teacher went on that they would be learning their geometric shapes. Then proceeds to say that for those who aren’t sure what this is it’s shapes such as a sphere which is the shape of a tin can. I really wish that I was joking about that but sadly I am not. If our teachers cant take the time to proofread a handout, say what they are teaching our children isn’t their strong suit, can’t even get their shapes correct, and let’s not get into their grammar (yes, mine can be bad but I’m not teaching kids grammar) it doesn’t build my confidence in them to do their job. If they can’t take the time for that why should I have confidence in that they will train with their firearm to the point of defending my child with their life?

Members of our military and law enforcement can and have froze in a stressful situation and they train for that. It takes a lot of training and mental power to choose fight over flight. Because of that when someone doesn’t take the time to be the best that they can be in their profession I lose trust in them to do their job correctly. If they can’t do their job correctly I have no trust in that they will do something like protecting my child from an active shooter when their is no requirement to train to a professional level of defence in an active shooter scenario.

Sorry but all of the good intentions in the world won’t change my mind. The only thing that can and will is actual actions. The only way for that to happen is if my kids were in an active shooter situation and a teacher actually defended them with a firearm successfully. I pray every day that my kids are at school that never happens.


Ouch for the dumbfounded and touche’ for the rest.

I look at this from my local perspective and, after Louisville Metro Police, for budgetary reasons, pulled all of the RSOs to put on the streets and the Jefferson County School Board voted to not renew their contracts with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and several smaller city police departments and the fact the the school board “police department” is unarmed, understaffed and otherwise inadequate, arming teachers seems to be an opportunity to prevent or slow down an active aggressor. After all, when seconds count, police are just minutes away.


George I’m with you! When caught red handed after committing a heinous crime a fair trial and a speedy hanging is what’s needed. No plea bargains, no “insanity” pleas. Some commits deliberate murder of innocents and then it goes as an insanity plead with decades of legal appeals-unreal. Is he insane? Sure he is because sane people don’t go around killing others. Is he innocent? Not hardly. A rabid dog gets shot quickly because it’s a danger to people, yet we let for more dangerous mad dogs work the system ( and endanger the lives of prison guards). Makes NO sense…(end of rant😏, sorry y’all this is a pet peace of mine.


This is where I agree with Texas law. 3 unrelated witnesses or caught on video and you go to the front of the line.

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I like what this fellow had to say. I especially like the idea of getting rid of gun free zones. The criminals and mentally-ill don’t follow the rules. Our sheriff here put it best, “the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

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Lacy you said that you can’t be sure 100% that you would die for someone else’s child. I would die for your child or any other kid if need be. I have made peace in the fact that if I where to die defending someone else, it was worth the cause. Remember there are sheep then there are sheepdogs. I wish that every school could have there own swat team to ensure safety but that is just not reality, so an armed trained teacher is the next best thing, if we could not get some veterans to do it for a good living wage. Stay safe out there, and god bless.

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