Gun Grabber Suggestion

I believe that politicians interested in taking away our guns should consider removing weapons from their bodyguards and in-home defense to prove they are serious about their intentions. That will never happen any more than we would want to give up our weapons. They know that the 2nd Amendment will never be overturned, so they spend every waking moment focused on creating laws limiting the people from owning defensive weapons. The end goal is to control the people of this country and won’t be able to as long as we can defend ourselves. Our 40 million man good old boy militia will stop that from happening. We have the largest armed militia in the entire world regardless of population of other countries. That amount of self-defense capability scares the hell out of politicians and leaders of other countries that would consider messing with us.


Your last two sentences are exactly why so many are hell bent on disarming us to the greatest extent possible. It’s all about their protection as gov’t become ever more oppressive rather than “the public good” or “public safety”.


Copy that!