Fact or Fiction: What myths do you hear?

I agree… I know he’s a gun owner and I believe he’s a Democrat though he’s never said it outright. He thought my “foreign troops on :us: soil” was definitely a conspiracy theory.

I dabble in CONSPIRACY a little bit. :smile:

Unfortunately for him, folk claiming that they were only “doing what they were told” is a real human & historical justification for committing evil deeds.



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Some Jews said that about Hitler. They were sure Hitler was just pumping people up and then after he got to be leader he would calm down. When a Tyrant says they want to oppress they mean it.


Be bold

Guess he has never learned of the fact we have, or had a GERMAN Air Force (Luftwaffe) had been stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo New Mexico, and if I am not mistaken, they moved to Texas.

Note, Yes, just checked, they moved to Sheppard.

So, ‘foreign troops’ on US soil is NOT really a conspiracy theory.


“Guns kill people”

The reality is PEOPLE with guns kill people. Firearms are harmless unless used in a harmful manner good, bad or indifferent.

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Yes, they do like to say that… and you are correct, ‘PEOPLE’ with guns kill people.

However, it can be said ‘cars kill people’ (but they will not say that…)

It is always the driver or operator of the vehicle, and not the vehicle … but when it is a firearm, they say it is the firearm, and NOT the person.

The mental gymnastics of leftists is Olympic grade.


“I would just shoot them in the leg”.


The whole “weapons of war” thing. Ask any veteran, and those in here please chime in, you want to take my AR to the sandbox or would you rather roll with that real deal select fire M4?

My brother (two tours) laughs so hard when this assault weapon/weapons of war crap comes up.


Shhh… Dispelling that will put many gun stores in the red, how many people find it exciting to own a varmint rifle?


Myth: The Gun Show Loophole. It may exist in some alternate universe, it sure doesn’t in North Carolina.


Neither does it exist here in Florida.

Or any other state for that matter

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He might actually have a point here… who is going to go door to door to confiscate the guns? Our sheriffs? Police officers? Military? Many of them own their own guns. Are they going to turn them over without a fight? :thinking:


Please do not forget about the Japanese occupation of the Aleutians

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Thousands of men did horrible things under the guise of “we were only following orders”

So, one scenario I gave him had to do with a mandate that would require citizens to surrender their firearms in exchange for access to healthcare or food… It wouldn’t be a confiscation per se, but it would disarm folks once their circumstances demanded it… :thinking:

Some vehicles were poorly designed & did in fact kill people remember R Nader unsafe at any speed

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And what weapons will be used to fight World War Flu?

Buy a gun online

So easy to prove false, yet still repeated often.

(Technically, a firearm can be purchased, but they mean without any background check, and all online purchases must be sent to an FFL for a background check)