Expired VA CCL, but valid DC CCL: Am I covered?

As the title suggests, my VA CCL expired two weeks ago without me knowing about it. Duh. I’ve reapplied for the VA CCL today, and I know I can’t legally carry without a valid one. I do, however, have a valid DC CCL. Seeing how VA recognizes the DC CCL, can I still legally carry under the DC CCL? Thanks!


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I ran into a similar situation recently. AZ used to send notice when your license is about to expire but stopped doing that without informing anyone. I realized it a little before the expiration date but they were backlogged and I was without a permit for a couple of months. Fortunately AZ is a constitutional carry state but I lost my reciprocity with other states for a time.

I have no idea with Virginia but pretty sure that in some states you are required to have an in state license if you are a resident and can’t use other state’s reciprocity. Also some states only grant reciprocity if you are a resident of the state your license is from.


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I’m not a lawyer, but I would think that where you officially live might come into play. Your resident permit needs to stay valid in your home state. You can’t use a non-resident permit from another state if your primary expired.


The way I read it (and this is typical), if you are a VA resident, you can only conceal carry in VA with a VA permit.

" Concealed carry is legal for residents with a Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) and non-residents with any valid state license/permit."


(personal note, yet another example of why every state needs Permitless aka Constitutional carry, i’t not a Right let alone an uninfringed Right if you need a permission slip from the government first and you become a criminal [if you bear arms] because you permission slip wasn’t updated recently enough)




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Worth double checking. Directly with VA and other local VA residents. If you’re comfortable sharing, share here (post) which state you legally reside in.

But your topic reminds the rest of us tp considering renewing a couple of moths before our expiration dates.

I think USCCA members get a free reminder of our expiration dates when we add them to our profile?

Per https://www.usconcealedcarry.com/resources/ccw_reciprocity_map/va-gun-laws/#recStates

“If you have a permit issued by a state in which Virginia has established concealed handgun permit reciprocity or recognition, it will be honored in Virginia as long as the permit remains valid regardless of the change of address. However, you should confirm the validity of the permit with the issuing agency based on the change of address.”

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The upper right corner of your members home page shows the expiration date of of your membership and any and all your CCW licenses!

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You can enter your permit information into the member site or reciprocity app if you like, it’s another place to see the expiration date when you log into your USCCA stuff to help you remember. Pretty sure there are no active reminders sent out, it’s still on you to keep your government permission slips updated (yes bitter that we need them to begin with lol)


I love Montana my CWP was due to be renewed so yesterday morning I went to the Sheriff’s office, filled out one form,paid the 25$. Just got a call and it was done. It looks just like my drivers license.