Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Transfer

I am a Dallas Texas resident with a Virginia carry permit which is excepted in Texas and several other states. My question is can I transfer my Virginia permit with three more years until the expiration date to a Texas Permit? If so who would i contact to get this done

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I’m not a lawyer, nor any kind of legal expert. However, you do not “transfer” a carry permit from one state to another. You have to apply for a permit in each state independently. I would imagine that if you were discovered to have a VA carry permit, but a TX residence, that might cause a bit of personal discomfort.


In most cases, your resident carry permit must be issued by the state that issued your current driver’s license. If you are registered to vote in a different state than your resident permit, that permit is typically invalid in the eyes of your new state of residence. I know for a fact this is true in TX.

Here’s an article from USCCA on this topic:


Texas is fairly easy to get licensed provided you do the required steps. However, you should contact one of the LTC trainers to see if you can skip that process. The fingerprinting stuff may pass over but I don’t know. It’s very simple and inexpensive. Texas is a great state to carry in.

When a person changes residency from another state to Kentucky, their permit is valid in Kentucky for 60 days in Kentucky unless, in that 60 days they apply for a Kentucky permit which then makes their out of state permit valid in Kentucky for 120 days. State police are required to issue permits within 60 days of application so if you apply within the first 60 days you should have your permit before you hit the end of the 120 period.


@MikeBKY That is a bizarrely sensible and humane policy!


It is a great policy. Unfortunately, most people moving here do not think to look and go on as if their old permit will suffice. Unfortunately after the 60 or 120 days passes, their permit is no longer valid in KY. It is not that big a deal in KY since KY is a constitutional carry state. However, depending on the law of the state where their permit originated, it may no longer be valid since they are no longer a resident of that state. If that is the case, then they may lose reciprocity with other states that honor the permit.


You’ll have to apply for a Texas permit:

Have you moved to Texas or have you been a resident of Texas for longer than 6 months?


I have been a resident for over 6 months. If I apply for a Texas permit will it have the same expiration date on it as my nonresident Virginia permit?

You may want to start here. Texas permits are good for five years.

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Yes, I have the Texas LTC as a resident. It’s good for 5 years.