Elderly man killed by pitt bulls

The only dog I have ever actually been bitten by was one of the yappy little rodent sized breeds. I had a friend in high school who was very short for his age. He had a similar yappy aggressive attitude. Guess that is the only way to get the big dogs to leave you alone. Funny thing is I heard he had a growth spurt in college and went from 5’3” to 6’4” in a couple of years. Not sure if he became less aggressive.

I have had some very close calls with larger dogs while biking or hiking. Worse scare I had was with 3 very large pitbull/mastiffs. We surprised each other over a little berm at very close distance and they weren’t very happy about it.

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My sister in law had two dogs. Both were risen from being little between her and my kids. Sounds very friendly… but animal is always animal and the nature can call this animal all the time.
One dog was bringing rodents to the house, even was taught by professional not to do so.
The other one was bitting kids without any reason changing himself from nice puppy to wild hunter once he was playing with kids.

Dogs were too small to do serious harm, but it shows to never trust any animal.

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I’ve met maybe one or two gentle pit bulls, one Doberman that after a visit with my husband to some folks to talk about a car, I played with the dog. Got along great. As we left the owner looked at me with wide eyes and said; "I don’t believe it. She’s a guard dog and has never warmed up to strangers…lucky me! Met one giant Rottweiler that was a real sweet heart. Pitbulls were originally used in literal pits decades ago, to attack bulls and drag them to the ground by grabbing them by the snout. They’re too often bred to be aggressive fighters. Frequently the nightly “news” does a story about the over population of unwanted dogs at the rescue centers…safe to say that probably 75-80% are pit bulls.


Some time ago there was a video on TV about a little boy (maybe 3 or 4) riding his tricycle in the driveway and a pit bull came around the car and attacked him…the family cat went after the dog and ran him off! If you need protection get a big kitty!


A long time ago we had a semi-feral cat that every dog was afraid of.
He was a big love to humans, and wanted to be the alpha over the other cats and dogs in the house. Tough little bugger.
One time he sent two Rottties running when they invaded his space…


Pitbulls are not bred to kill. They are taught to be whatever they become by their owners.

I’ve done animal rescue for 30 plus years. I train dogs to be K-9 protection dogs, therapy dogs, SAR dogs, K-9 sniffing dogs of various types, and just plain old companion dogs. At this time I have 2 dogs in Protective police service. I have 3 K-9 in home and self protection 2 with my daughter and 1 with me. 2 therapy dogs, 1 in another city and 1 in another state.

I rescued a pit bull who had been so badly mauled by his owners training that it required multiple reconstructive surgeries and in excess of $5000 dollars of surgical at the vets cost. He didn’t charge me for his services just what he paid his costs for supplies.

2013-11-04 17.10.36

This is Nemo after his last surgery

2013-11-04 17.20.38

This is Nemo after coming home with me.

Nemo had every reason to be a savage unsalvageable dog after his start in life. He is a therapy dog at a Children’s Hospital in another state.

This is the 2 K-9 dogs that are with my daughter now.

They are trained K-9 protective dogs. The white American Bulldog was a rescue. His owner a woman fleeing a domestic abuser. The domestic abuser had used the love she and her son had for the dog to get them to return from a prior escape from to torture this dog. The Rottweiler was a puppy mill rescue.

So, miss me with this anti Pitbull nonsense. Dogs are what they are by how they are by socialization and training. I don’t care about anybody’s BS about random dog who just snapped. There is an underlying problem. Period. Dot. Period.

P.S. Yes I was a fat man before I lost a 100 pounds.