Self-defense against a dog


There are so many things to consider when an animal is aggressive, I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you would have done in this situation?


We had an aggressive dog continue to get lose in our neighborhood and because we are out of city limits the city passed it to the sheriff’s department. It finally came down to a few neighbors to talk to the dog owner, he wasn’t getting it till I told him that I carry pepper spray and a gun. If I was out for a walk I would use pepper spray but if he came towards my kids one more time his dog wasnt coming home. This dog wasnt an aggressive breed like a pitbull but it was extremely aggressive. Luckily the warning were heeded and nothing else came about it. He fixed his fence and I haven’t seen the dog out since.

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In Missouri we are legally allowed to shoot a dog that is attacking people or livestock. I’m not sure how that works inside city limits, or if its different than out in the country.


I live in Missouri and you are correct. However, many people overreact to the sight of a large dog or to certain breeds. I’d be very, very careful before I shot someone’s dog as their reaction could be quite lethal. Cats on the other hand should be shot on sight.

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Did I mention that we have 5 dogs and eleven cats? Just sayin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We have had to defend our livestock a time or two… not pleasant because we love dogs (and cats) but they don’t get to kill the lambs or calves.
Can’t say we’ve ever had a neighbors cat try to kill a calf though… :thinking:


I understand. I was really referring to the reaction I see from people when I’m walking my American Bulldog. I live on a farm too and I do understand.

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I have been attacked by pet dogs twice, both times while I was in the Army (different places) and not allowed to carry. The first time was a neighbors dog that jumped the face and for reasons we will never understand it decided to attack me. I was walking away from it when I heard it and turned as it launched itself at me. The owner stood frozen in shock as I killed it by snapping its neck (total reflexes no time to think).

The second time I was playing fetch with the dog (tennis ball) with the owner standing next to me. I turned to the owner and told him I had to go and when I turned back the dog lunged at me (again going for my throat). I blocked with my arm and still have about a 2 inch scar where he bit me. The owner grabbed the dog and subdued it before I could do anything else.

My point of these two stories is this, in both cases had I been armed I would not have had time to draw before the dog was on me. In both cases there was no for warning it just happened.

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In Illinois, we can shoot a dog with proof of harassing livestock. If you shoot one, in town, you better have proof it was life threatening to a human. When we go for walks in our neighborhood, I keep a knife handy. Some of our friends use “walking sticks” and/or pepper spray.


When my ex was training for triathlons there was a dog that used to chase him on his bike or on foot, trying to bite him for about half a mile. Several attemps to talk to the owner produced no results. He started carrying the heavy end of a two part pool cue… once the dog saw it, he’d go back up on the porch.