Egg carton foam

Greetings and Salutations Folks, anyone know where to purchase the egg carton type foam that comes in weapon cases?
And is that the correct name of the stuff lol ?
Ty, Bruno


It’s a polyurethane foam. has sheets you can buy (see link below). It really depends on what you are trying to do with it. If it’s just to store your firearms, the foam is fine. If you are shipping (can’t unless you are a dealer) then you need denser foam (unless you are just shipping a handgun) to protect the item from damage while it’s going through an automated sortation system.


You can also look up a local packaging company and see if they can sell you sheets of the foam.


TY so very much!

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I got some sheets from home depot that are layered so that you can cut out whatever shape you like and peel out to the depth you like to make custom secure gun cases. It was very economical too!

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Excellent reply, they are close too TY

I bought a Pelican Storm iM4110 or something today, and it was ‘foamless.’ Wife said “why don’t we just buy one of those egg carton mattress toppers?”

LOL - brilliant idea. Not sure how long it’ll hold up, but for $10 it’s sure as heck worth a try.

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Another excellent idea, TY

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