EDC on cruise ship

How long ago was that? My understanding modern times is, expect TSA like security while boarding a cruise ship

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Careful now, not all commie states are created equal. In fact, I would not even want to travel through NY or NJ with an EDC. If you do, just keep driving. Don’t stop for any reason if you can help it and don’t even think about staying in a hotel.


Very true.

NY/NJ and maybe MD are significantly worse than CA. Taking a handgun to or through NY/NJ, even if you don’t stop, even if you are following the interstate aspect from FOPA, you still risk felony arrest and prosecution


I’m in Mass and that is exactly what the LTC trainer basically said. Don’t carry when going through those states and if you have to DON’T STOP!

This coming from a trainer in Mass.

  1. Come to think of it we were in a pre-boarded tour group. Went from the plane to a bus which was sealed by customs to the boarding dock.

So I guess that would be the reason I didn’t see metal detectors. Sorry, sometimers in effect there.


I bought a small memento pocket knife in Alaska a few years ago. On returning to the ship they do check what you’re bringing aboard. They took my knife and held it until the end of the cruise, I picked it up like a duty free purchase.

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Just curious, could you ship it there in a plain box and have it waiting for you in your cabin? People ship their golf clubs to resorts to save on airline costs. I KNOW THATS GOLF CLUBS. I’m asking a question, pls don’t go off the deep end. It’s called brainstorming ideas.

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Now you’re thinking! I doubt your plan could work though. Packages brought on board by passengers through outside sources would be highly scrutinized me thinks? Now if you purchased a firearm while in Alaska…IDK?

At your risk my brother.

I did this the first of May. I left it at home. Didn’t feel good about it, but I couldn’t think of anyway around it.

Getting the gun ON the boat by ANY means is a bad idea because you’ll have to go through customs in the way back and how do you explain the gun being brought INTO the country with no paperwork. The gun needs to stay stateside.