What would you do: Beach Vacation

Finally, it’s vacation time. Not the “spending time with the family over the holidays” vacation, true vacation time somewhere on a beach in 80-degree weather!

You’ve taken some time off work and drove through a few states to get to the beach with your special someone. You’re getting ready to get out of the car and hit the sand when you realize you’ve got your firearm on you.

What do you do?

  • Take the firearm back to the hotel and lock it in the safe in your room
  • Lock your firearm in your car (stored properly in a locking compartment or safe)
  • Wear it on you since you’re not going in the water anyway
  • Wear it on you - you’ve got your gun cleaning gear with you at the hotel
  • Other please elaborate below

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Is it a setup for the proverbial boating/swimming accident?


carry your PDW in a towel

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I’ve installed a safe in my vehicle. It’s very safe. I had to return to my vehicle the other day after seeing the correct legal notices on the front window of the YMCA.

I have to deal with this for my work. My work does not care if I carry but, the state says otherwise, No firearms allowed in Establishments that serve alcohol. I have a good stealthy gun safe in my vehicle for my back up gun and some magazines for just incase.

dig out my old Hawaiian shirt, puka shells, singing jimmy buffet song about margaritas, or a song about toes in the sand…eyeing my sexy bride, keeping concealed, looking for a secluded beach to get naked. At my age, i haven’t got time for sight seeing. Remember folks, concealed means concealed.

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In the car safe!

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Mike…for a wise man, your not very adventurous…lol


I was thinking of making a conk shell in to a safe but some kid would probably up an walk away with it.


You can never beat the RoboCop holster :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Inside my lockable backpack🤙🏽 Yeeeew

Last time I was at the beach, had my pocket NAA and my TP9SFX on my hip, was only up to my knees at best…

Got out on a rock with the tide going out, way to it, found a hole by a rock and went around it…

On my way, racing a wave, I forgot about the hole…went down to my waist.

Water resistant pants, light dampness to my Canik, gave it a good cleaning when I got back to my room…

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Carry it on me in my SmartCarry holster. For basketball shorts, jogging pants, beach shorts and the like it’s hands down my favorite.

It’s not that I’m glad to see you.
That IS a pistol in my pocket.

We only stay on the beach, it costs more but that’s how we like to vacation. So my weapon is locked in the condo, and we walk to the beach. There is always one locked up in my car. If it’s a drive on beach…