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I have become very interested in different forms of every day carry other than a handgun. There are some very interesting and practical items out there. From “less lethal” weapons to comfort items. It is a bit of a rabbit hole at first.

The most common things I’m seeing are:
-Knives (fixed blade, folding)
-Pens (tactical, fine writing)
-Small pry bar tools
-Minimalist wallets
-Challenge coins
-Specific wristwatches

A couple of items I have picked up and now carry (I should take a photo):
-Chums Surfshort Wallet
-Sog Snarl fixed blade
-Gerber Dime multitool
-Voodoo Tactical Master Pen
-OLIGHT I1R 2 Eos mini flashlight
I am sure these things will change and morph over time.

What are some of the things you like to carry and why? Include photos if you have them and want to show them.

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Tactical flashlight
Pocket knife(CRKT M16) This varies. I always have a finger assist opening knife on me for defense. If I’m doing “yard work” I will also have a regular Buck lock blade knife on me. Which is just as sharp, it’s just not assisted opening, and doesn’t have a pocket clip.
When hiking, I carry a small pack with H2O, bandages, and high protein snacks in it.


I had posted this previously in Bag Dump: Favorite Concealed Carry Bag?

BRUCE26Helping Hand

Mar '20

I use a Fieldline Sling bag, I don’t usually carry the pistol in the bag but I can and have.
Pretty much every thing I might need to get out of a tight spot.


@BRUCE26 , I just picked up a couple of “bug out” bags. One for my wife and one for me. I’ll have to check out the bag dump thread for inspiration. Thanks! We already have our med kits ready.

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Flashlight, USCCA knife, screwdrivers and pliers.

When I had to borrow my daughter’s car, I noticed she keeps a two-foot metal tube next to the driver side door. She doesn’t carry… yet.
I teased her and suggested the tire wrench is more discreet.
Yesterday, she showed me a brand new CA legal stun gun. She beat me to it, I was planning to buy her and her mom new pepper spray since the old ones had expired.


I have not seen this.

Good for your daughter!

I carry credit cards. Probably the most used thing in my pockets.

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A quick caveat to my response: I take the whole “grey man” philosophy seriously, so when I’m picking out my attire and my carry items, I tend towards those that I can conceal or that don’t stand out as “tacticool” or “prepper.”

Aside from my EDC firearm, which I deeply conceal …

… my usual kit is my Leatherman multi-tool, a very small LED flashlight that is attached to my keychain, my Ridge wallet, and my mechanical wristwatch. Here’s my rationale:

  • The Leatherman has several knives, pliers, screwdrivers, a can opener, and a small saw. Sure, there’s other tools I could find myself needing, but that’s a pretty comprehensive assortment in a very small package that’s easy and discrete to carry. It has a clip for belt/pocket carry, or if it’s convenient I can use the belt pouch for it.
  • LED flashlight is self-explanatory. There are many excellent ones on the market now.
  • Plain stainless steel mechanical wristwatch, because it’s powered by my body and can be used as a compass and a reflector. And, because it doesn’t look “prepper” and can be worn with everything from casual to formal.
  • The Ridge wallet. It’s about as small as a functional wallet can be, and it encourages me to carry less.

I know that there are good arguments in the EDC community for carrying a pen, but in terms of what I want to carry on my person I don’t see a need for one. That said, I have a pen in my grab bag.

The only other thing I sometimes wear is a paracord bracelet. It looks a bit to “prepper” for my tastes, and in keeping with my “grey man” look, I generally only wear one with long sleeves.



It’s a Kershaw, nothing fancy. It gets used a lot.

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The CRKT comes in USCCA flavor also


My edc bag as I went through it today because of this post, I find that a majority of items I carry is first aid. I speculate deep down inside me I know that injuries lower your abilities to defend yourself, as well as, perform regular tasks. I have the light, the extra mags, pen, radio/walkie talky, cord, rope, knifes, and a tooth brush.


Although I sometimes EDC a more minimalist setup, with the daily responsibilities and clothing I’ve been wearing for the last few years, my usual EDC includes:

  1. Wallet
  2. Flashlight
  3. Pen and notepad
  4. Multitool plus separate knife
  5. Bandaids (I get cut a lot), alcohol, gauze
  6. Lighter plus mini whistle/ferrocerium rod (LM Signal accessory bought separately)
  7. Small diamond file (LM Charge accessory bought separately)
  8. Lip Balm
  9. Bluetooth earpiece

Many of these items are in a small AA battery pouch on my belt. I guess I could also mention a mini 6’ measuring tape… but that’s more because of my work responsibilities.

Additionally, I often have a small ziplock bag with other odds and ends I keep in whatever bag I’m bringing with me… usually with a bottle of water I use throughout the day in a side pocket. I also have a metal Klean Kantene stuffed with some other items in the car (although in winter I have a larger winter stranded kit).

Last, although not exactly EDC, I have two pouches that I switch from one work bag to another. One is a mini toolbag that is about the shape of a Monster Energy drink that holds tools more capable than my multitools. The other bag holds electronic accessories, i.e. a wall adapter, USB car adapter, USB cables, and a battery backup (along with some other incidentals)… although I guess now I add another ziplock bag with gloves, masks, alcohol gel, and larger bandaids.

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I consider EDC the stuff you carry on your person, every day. I won’t always have a bag with me.

Wallet - minimalist RFID blocking, I love the Trayvax series as they are not only minimalist, but really cool to look at

Phone - A reliable phone with reliable service. Maps/navigation, information (apps for first aid, CCW laws, news, etc), camera.

Keys - I used to be one of those people with like 2lbs worth of keys all on one ring. Over the years, getting to that minimalist perspective, I’ve separated keys into “everyday” and “sometimes”. So my everyday keyset is very small, with a paracord lanyard with a specific weave so I can tell which one i’m grabbing by touch or sight. I keep other key sets similarly, and can optionally clip them all together or leave them loose in my pocket and still be able to reach in and grab the one I want by the lanyard.

Firearm - CCW and usually 1 spare mag

Knife/Multitool - The number one thing I carry is a Leatherman Skeletool. There are several variations, but the claim to fame for the line is it is super lightweight so you aren’t carrying a typically heavy multitool in your pocket. It has the top essentials in a multitool which is knife, pliers, screwdriver, and bottle-opener in a very ergonomic setup. I can’t stress enough how light it is, it is very comparable to just having a folding knife in your pocket. I will sometimes carry just a folding knife if I know I have a bag with me that has a multitool in it.

Flashlight - There are a ton of really good flashlights, some cheap, some expensive, most with bright to very bright output in a variety of form factors. My favorites over the last few years have been Olight’s small EDC options which offer blindingly high output, very usable lower outputs, very convenient rechargability, and very small form factor.

Pepper Spray - This is a new one since riots and chaos started last year. I like having a less-lethal option for those circumstances that are maybe “grey area” where lethal isn’t quite warranted but you want to get away from or discourage a pack of ruffians.

First Aid - A very small trauma kit is almost always on me. I’m working on finding a way to carry one 100% of the time. My bag will always have a trauma kit and “ouch pouch”, but I don’t always have that with me.

Several other threads with pics if you’d like to browse around a bit…

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@Harvey , I just did the same with my keys. It’s amazing how many keys I carried on a daily basis that I rarely used. I now carry 3 keys on a NiteIze S-Biner. I have the “other” keys on separate S-Biner and only grab them if needed which is rare.

Where do you normally carry the pepper spray.? I plan to get one for me and one for my wife. Just pocket carry?

Yes, pocket carry. The ones I use have a pocket clip like a knife pocket clip (POM pepper spray). So it stays at the top of the pocket, not “in” the pocket. I like POM because of the trigger guard, most other brands have a lever you push to the side to “unlock” which I feel like in a pocket might happen by accident. Not saying its the best choice for everyone, but works for me and the way I carry. Some of my pants have a magazine pocket just above and forward of the wallet pocket, and thats usually where the pepper spray goes. On other pants it goes on the front pocket. In both scenarios, its on my weak side. I try really hard to just have “one thing” in a pocket if at all possible.

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I just checked out POM. Those would be perfect for us. Thanks!

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I’ve added to my EDC kit, some storage containers for mags and or bullets, for those times I’m required to lock my “arm” in my vehicle, not wanting to leave ammo in the vehicle as well.

I found some small leather pouches and bags, but “not” the kind which have a dye color on the inside, as those end up staining the bullet especially if the tip has a plastic filling. I found some pocket-sized leather cases which are colorless on the inside.

An empty Rx pill bottle can hold 5-8 rounds as well. Safe travels Casey. :slight_smile:


There’s a practical limit to what I can tote around comfortably, plus I have workplace restrictions that limit what I can have while working. That being said, I always have my Hunt-Down tactical pen, Gerber Suspension multitool in a kydex sheath on my belt, and Browning model 0203 tactical knife. In my bug-out bag, which is usually nearby, is Sabre Red pepper spray, Smith’s pocket knife sharpener, and first-aid kit.

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Thanks for listing. I just bought a Chums wallet after seeing your post.

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I recently bought 2 more just in case the original wears out. I’m a fan of the Chums wallet.