eBay accessories for firearms purchasing issues?

Have any of you experienced any new barriers when attempting to purchase firearm related items on eBay, or other large websites (online)?

Recently, I bided on an item on eBay, but noticed when I saved it to my watch list, for each item, a Federal pop up notice appeared reading mention if needing to register. My item was a rifle scope.

I’ve never seen this before, on similar items. Just concerned as in the past I had purchased holsters, scopes, snap caps, etc., from eBay with no problems prior to today.

Have you experienced any changes when purchasing similar items from eBay recently?


I have noticed some items pop up a disclaimer advising that if the item is shipped to certain states there might be an issue


That’s interesting @Burdo! Although I haven’t purchased anything firearms related off of eBay recently,(not within the last 6 months) I have magazines, sights, grips before without any issues.


Maybe the ATF is telling EBay not to ship anything that’s firearms related. I wouldn’t put it passed them. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never consider buying stuff like that through ebay, personally.

I used to buy firearm stuff on Amazon, but they reduced what they allow way down awhile back, clearly, and don’t allow potentially regulated stuff any more…more or less is how it looks. Never got notices there buying scopes, red dots, tritium pistol sights


Good news. I was able to make the purchase.

I actually tried to see how I could register, as the pop up seemed to imply, but it seemed too complicated, I couldn’t figure it out. By the time I won the bid, and added the item to my shopping cart, I didn’t see another pop up, and it’s now being delivered.

Will keep an eye out the next time.