Experience Selling Gear on Gun Broker?

Can I tell you how ticked off I am at eBay? I recently listed a Magpul bipod. My listing was removed due to “policy violations;” apparently, the bipod is an “assault weapon” accessory… well, it is when I’m trying to sell one. I generated my listing using eBay’s “Sell an Item Like This” tool, from another listing that’s sold well over 100 of the same bipod, a listing that’s been on eBay for over 6 months. It’s still there, and going gangbusters, and there are literally at least a dozen other listings for the same item.

After three attempts to sell, each after a frustrating and canned discussion with eBay support agents who supposedly filed a ticket and made a note on my account, I’ve given up and am considering turning to Gun Broker. I haven’t conducted any transactions there, and would appreciate any advice from those of you who have, particularly if you’ve sold through the site. Positives, negatives, things to be aware of? Thanks.

I can speak from buyer’s perspective only.
I trust GunBroker more than Ebay and definitely prefer making purchases there. Ebay is the last place I’m looking at for anything related to firearms.


I can only speak from a buyer’s side also. I only use GB to help price used guns. GB allows fraudulent sellers, and did nothing to help me or even remove the person selling blem guns as regular guns.

I sell most of my gun stuff on a few gun forums I have been a member of for a while and trust the people there. Good luck selling your assault stand. :grinning:


Once again as a buyer. It was a very good experience with the seller.

Gunbroker has very poor customer service.

WARNING: Use a temporary email address to register. I am not exaggerating this, it took just under 4 months of many many many emails telling them to take me off their spam list.


I have been a buyer and a seller on GB for a very long time. Recently sold a reloading press and some brass there too. I am not on there a lot; just consistent use over years. I have had good service, and will continue to use them.

In all these years I have only had one problem buyer, and the matter was settled by GB quickly. That was about 10 years ago though. As a seller, you don’t have a lot of choice on the buyer (same as any other auction site).

I think that listing items with a reserve can hurt your listing to a degree.