Gunbroker website

Has anyone bought any items off of the gunbroker website, I’m looking for some items for my glock 23 .40 cal and I found a lot of different things that has caught my eye just wondering if the site is legit


Yes, it is legit.
I bought 1 handgun and few boxes of ammo. Never had any problem.
However be careful what are you buying (read description) and check seller’s reputation. Gunbroker website works similar to Ebay, so you deal with seller directly.


I have used Gun Broker for many years as a pricing source and it was only this past month that I signed up and bought something. The fella out of Texas was amazing, one of his employees had sold 2 of the 3 items he offered and hadn’t told him (100 rnd bags of primed 45 Win Mag Brass). He PM’d me through the site and told me of the situation and offered to cancel the whole deal or sell me just one at the advertised price. They since he felt bad made an additional offer to sell me 130 rnds (4 20’s and 1 50) of factory 45 WinMag for $90.00. Needless to say I took the offer as 45 WinMag ammo is about $40/bx of 20. 1 out of 1 experience 100% happy.




Yes, I have purchased guns, gun parts, and ammo from that site.

Be aware that some sellers only accept checks or money orders. I’ve dealt with a couple of these sellers, but only after establishing contact via phone and having some sort of comfort level that the person will not just cash the check and disappear. GunBroker’s buyer “insurance” has a $100 deductible and you need to prove they received and cashed the check, which is not always easy to do with a money order


I’ve spent many many dollars on there.
Best for used guns, but keep in mind, they’re likely not in the best condition.

Most of the time I use a local FFL.

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Use for price checks. Use caution if buying. I will NOT buy from them again, they offered no help to me when I was sold a BLEM gun that was listed as a demo NOT a blem…

Of course, your mileage may vary.

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Yes, Gunbroker has been around a long time. I have bought and sold many guns, parts, brass, bullets, magazines etc from there. It is basically Ebay, as has been said, so treat it as such. It is a very very rare occasion where I will buy from someone with no rating.


Ebay takes fraud much more seriously. Gunbroker, no help at all. At least in my case.

But yeah, it depends on who you buy from.

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I scored some primers from a fellow at gunbroker, plus made me some extra scores, talked my ear off, great fellow!!! I have had good experiences from gunbroker. Lots of scams on ebay, but they cover them.

I have bought 80% of my guns there in the last 5 years. I have not had a problem.


My experience with GunBroker has been very negative. I put in a winning bid with less than thirty seconds to go and it had a no minimum bid. Once bid was in got message this item is no longer for sale. So seems like the early days of E Bay.

It’s not gonna happen anymore. In February 2019 Gunbroker applied “15 Minute Rule” for auctions.
(that means you win if you are not outbided within next 15 minutes after your bid)

As craig6 also said about checking prices, I follow some of the market, and reloading supplies, etc. There are deals, steals, and scores! I have bought a few guns from gunbroker, from Wild Indian Gun Company, and a place in Minot, ND, now I cant think of their name, but anyways…AND AND lucking out……!!!..…no sales tax!!! Am sure that will change. As I stated earlier, met a fine seller on gunbroker, talked my ear off, offered tons of advice if I need, gave me one heck of a deal…I told him we were going to reload, then he threw in some more items. Gave me his phone number, emails, etc. I called wild indian gun company one time, heck that fellow talked my ear off. All of these companies have great reviews.

Ebay….one of our associates bought a skid steer from ebay, was abut $30,000. H e checked out the seller, all sounded extremely legit, trucking company legit, etc. No skidsteer, never arrived, trucking company was scam, all was a scam. However, ebay took care of it. Personally, I would never buy a big piece of equipment without looking at it.

Ammo and guns with no issues. Ditto on the check prices.