DryFire in and all around the House

Today I used multiple targets and positioned them at different areas within the house.
I’ll locate myself in a different rooms because I’ll never know where in the house I’ll be if or when something should happen. Heck, even the bathroom and/or in the shower.
Also the positioning of the targets at different locations because you never know where the bad person/s could be. Sometimes I’ll have my fabulous wife setup the targets while I’m in another room with the door closed.
About once a month I’ll setup targets outside around different locations of my property and act like I’m doing yard work.
I have 4 to five different style targets and change them up each time I practice.
Note : We will also practice staying in our safe location, protected and pretending to be on the phone with 911.
It’s unbelievable how many senerios you can imagine.
I praise everyone who understands the value of practice, physical & mental.


Nothing like strengthening our neurological pathways .:face_with_monocle: Happy thanksgiving.


One tweak I might recommend is to have your wife set up some of those photo realistic shoot don’t shoot targets where sometimes they are holding a phone and others they are holding a gun. Might help train the positive threat identification muscles in the brain.


In addition to the realism, have you prepared the land?

Of course, you could always make them dig their own!

Nothing gets the adrenaline flowing like having to do it for real!
Once by myself ( possible burglary, door ajar, no one home ), once with law enforcement , wife called for attempted home invasion during the daytime, I arrived first on scene ) and once with my grandson
possible ( looter situation after a natural disaster). Our plan was to recon the area, approach in a single formation, then split into an “L” position and make entry at an odd location and announce ourselves as first responders doing a welfare check, to keep the possible squatter/looters off guard!
The very first thing I learned from law enforcement, was NEVER DRIVE UP TO THE SCENE. I drove right up to the house.
Officer stated that’s the best way to get shot, by an intruder.

Second lesson learned, wait for law enforcement to arrive! As explained afterwards, he could have shot me, as my weapon was drawn! Luckily he arrived just as I made entry, with all the information needed to identify me as the homeowner, I covered right, he took left, all clear!
My wife and I practice with replicas and blue guns! Retention and disarming drills. One other thing I learned, don’t do this solo while she’s fast asleep! Live firearms are in play!
The days of cops and robbers and hide-n-seek are not dead.


Thank you Shamrock, will do. I just learn another objective.


My Wife would have a fit if I did this in the house…if she caught me.
What happens when she is asleep doesn’t REALLY happen.


My wife works in town a couple days/week. As long as don’t loose track of time and get everything put away before she gets back I am good to go:)


My son and I also play laser tag on occasion in the house and when he has a friend over I get to practice taking on multiple home invaders on my own:)


“The body csn’t go where the mind hasn’t been”


Thanks Shamrock for you training expertise.
I just received a batch yesterday and am in the process of organizing the setup of a few.


Is that a tattoo of Greta? :grinning:


Update: DryFire Sirt Laser Trainer.
Training with hostage conditions.
16ft hitting bad guy perfectly, 23ft perfect again and at 32ft doing excellent.
Now to get to an outdoor range for live fire training on this situation.
Again, a Thank you to Shamrork.


Before everyone got all up and PC we had these B-27 size targets at most ranges:


These days its hard to get by with even a Bambi target.