Dry Fire Training at Home

Using Sirt Pistol, Lazer Bullet in Carry Firearm or Barrel Block setup. Getting multiple types of targets around the inside and outside of the home will teach and keep you refreshed on a lot of the basics.
This is only two of many my wife and I use. We always have the Sirt Pistol laying out and about so many times we walk by and pick it up and fire ten or twenty times during a average day .


I SIRT every day. I can analyze my technique and train anytime.

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I recently got a G-Sight ELMS (Expert Laser Marksman System) for my birthday. I couldn’t be happier with it. I set up a “shooting station” in my garage and practice every day…In just a couple of weeks I can see a marked improvement in my accuracy and target acquisition. I have multiple handguns in 9mm and with this system, I can use whichever one I like…I primarily use my EDC but change it up occasionally…So far the system has been flawless and its available anytime I feel the urge to practice…definitely worth it to me. My grand daughter also brings her EDC once or twice a week and we practice and sometimes have a “friendly competition”…I am happy and grateful for the time together and its is making her a more responsible gun owner…we both win…


This is a good way to do it. But is what works for me, is I’ll completely empty all my mags, and make sure my firearms are clear, and ammo stored away, high in my closet. (No accidents) I’ll take blue painters tape, and put them about where my chest is, or a little taller, or a little shorter. (Not everyone is the same height.) and I’ll put these pieces of tape on my wall, or about where my door is, as if someone unwelcome is breaking threw the door, and becomes violent. (Not every time you draw your weapon, you have to fire, sometimes you can use it to force them to the ground, until the police arrive.) I’ll walk around the house, as if a normal day, and do a drill as if I saw someone who had just broke in. (If they run away, you can NOT go after them. Avoid the situation if you can.) I even use these pieces of tape to check my grip, my sight alignment, and that I’m on the wall. “Good grip, good sights, good wall. Bang” I do this by coming from a relaxed position, to the holster, out the holster, and bringing the weapon up. This helps with muscle memory for EDC. These things showed, and talked about in this post are nice, but non needed, If you can’t find it, or afford it. I’ve even used the walking dead on TV for dry fire. I’ll dry fire at the zombies. lol.

Are there GOOD but Economical Laser Cartridge inserts for training and dry firing? SnapCaps are good, but do not offer a visual feedback.

Laserhit.com for purchasing all types of caliber training laser bullets.