DOJ has gone too far?

Been watching Mark Levin and he was speaking of Garland going to far saying that the parents of their schools are being investigated for protesting against the school board for CRT?? That seems polarized the other way around?
Share your input because we are the ones paying taxes for the school teachers and they say it is alright for them teach against our morals?


I’m a big Levin fan but remember, his market is the right/far right so I suspect the stuff he’s saying on his show is aimed at stirring up his listeners. That said. Here in Salt Lake we have had a lot of people, in groups, storming public meetings and shutting them down. Not only education but other public meetings as well. I’m all for robust decent, I’m not for violent disruption. Many subjects stir the public from sex Ed to sports. CRT is certainly a hot button, and for the record I hope we don’t adopt it here in Utah. Groups that disrupt public meetings by shouting them down or by violence need to be stopped, even if you disagree with the decisions they are making. Now to the weaponizing of the FBI, that is a very scary thing that would be ripe for abuse.


Welcome to the bizarro world… Reference to “zippy the pinhead”. Our new reality is a mirror image of the old, and quoting Jerry Garcia, “nothing left to do but smile, smile,smile.”


This is just getting started, once the shark smells blood, we all become chum!

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Disruption that shuts down a hearing, or borders on or becomes violent are just the kinds of behavior that this DOJ will use to weaponize the FBI. At this point, verbal expression of opinion alone by parents is what is needed. The problems often start when school administrators don’t like what they’re hearing and either shut a citizen’s microphone off or claim their time has expired when it has clearly not. It’s tough to maintain composure when you feel like you are not being listened to.

If we react badly, the story will always be about how we reacted. We screamed, we yelled, we refused to vacate the podium, we threatened. It’s never going to be about the fact that the microphone was turned off. It would be great if we could make the story about the microphone or being shut down well before our time expired. The only real solution, once again, is to vote the bastards out. Might be easier said than done in many locations unfortunately.


I agree with your comment, but why is it ALWAYS the conservatives need to be civil while the violent, immoral left continues to get a free pass from Conservatives.

I like what Justice Breyer said to the democrats… " [

“What Goes Around Comes Around”: Justice Breyer Again Warns Against Court Packing

](“What Goes Around Comes Around”: Justice Breyer Again Warns Against Court Packing – JONATHAN TURLEY).


It is very interesting, in my 60+ years, I’ve read at the end of every election “That’s it the Republicans are dead and gone” or “We finally got rid of the Democrats for good”, just to see the other guys win a majority in the next election cycle. What’s disgusting to me is that a lot of Americans actually believe that once in the majority their party will rule ad infinitum which never ever happens. Our founding fathers by chance or choice nailed this part of our American Government, I suspect they knew this would occur and put things, 2 party system, into the system to take care of it.


I understand your situation but it is Obama that is planning the policy destruction of the dual Rep and Dem theory and let Marxism be the ultimatum of the USA and no longer Dem or Rep. Lots of American will surely be in trouble if Dem could destroy the dual team and go straight to Marxism! I hope that I am wrong ultimately. Sounds like we will need more Cubans here to fight Marxism!


Maybe 1% who can afford to own a senator are correct to think the either party is theirs. Other folks should quit believing nonsense.


Yes, but these people aren’t voted in or out it is the Governor’s power of their decisions to chose but in some areas may have the votes from their surrounding homes of the schools! Sure would be nice if the parents have the right to vote for who should be in it or not! Remember the old days of the PTA? Are they still around? I wouldn’t know cuz we don’t have kids! What about you guys and gals?

I will continue to vote for the individual who best represents my interests and values.

Seems simple enough.

From the Dog Catcher to the POTUS.


The problem is that the vast majority of politicians who claim they care about your interests only really care about your vote. Once they get it they will act in their own best interest or the interests of their financial backers.


What is the alternative?

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Anything but simple. Even if the person is (mostly) honest and intends to deliver on their promises, they are beholden to group interests. Last election cycle, I pinched my nose and voted for a local guy, whom I know as a political hack, vs. a guy I don’t know - because I know I am also voting for or against a party.

But I see more than just party line division. There are globalists, who want to take every resource out of our country, minerals, energy, tools, know-how, and bring it to the lowest cost sweatshop producers. Then there are “localists”, which bank on this country’s productivity leading the world. For that, workers here need to be competitive with the foreign sweatshop workers, they need to be dirt poor and willing to forego vacation, medical benefits, living in private homes, possibly, family itself. Heavens forbid, one of these groups wins.


I absolutely agree. We need to do our due diligence at the local level. Try to weed out the “politicians” and support the best candidate.

What aggravates me is the naysayers who bemoan the system just to be contrary.

Due diligence starts at the local level by actively supporting well vetted candidates and party organizations. It will take time and money which is a better alternative than bloodshed.


There’s a dandy joke on that subject, but sadly, the reality of it is not a joke at all.


The majority of people need to start voting for the people who tell us what we need to hear not what we want to hear.



It is time for a surge in private and charter schools. We need to change the system to respond to parents and the well being of their children. When public schools start looking like the government markets in Cuba that are almost devoid of product they will start paying attention to parents concerns. We have the commodity. our children, and that over glutted education system will eat itself alive when they have to fight for students.

We dodged a bullet when they didn’t put Garland on the Supreme Court.


You are correct IMO.

It is rare that a democrat nominee or appointee breaks ranks from the far left agenda. It happens but normally they are in lockstep!

It’s all ideology, all of the time!

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