6-year-old with Down syndrome makes finger-gun gesture at school teacher — so

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That is complete and utter bull$@#&. There is a reason for LEO discretion. At most a phone call to the parent. But a record. Also it is a complete lie that juvenile records can not be seen. I know what the law says but Juvenile records can and have been seen before.


I’d run for the next open seat on the school board and start cleaning house. I taught for decades and occasionally we would have a student bring a rifle to or knife to school, usually during hunting season. We simply made arrangements for them to take the stuff home, or sometimes to the principal’s house who lived close by. Sane people can handle such minor episodes.


Sorry to that this is happening way to often. And I blame the liberals for all of it. and their anti-gun agenda. I’ve seen stories where a 6 year old was suspended for eating a pop tart that looked like a gun. And a was playing war and was suspended for making pretend that he was throwing grenades. and I’m tired of all of this PC junk.


I heard a similar story. The guy was smeared as hater, received all sorts of threats, and was impeached. Luckily he was well off to fight all that.


What happens when enough parents finally get fed up with this kind of crap and decide the will no longer subject their children to this and will also no longer contribute tax dollars to this type of education system.

Threaten the source of income and you start to get the people in power worried about where there next sports car will come from (I am not talking about the educators).

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What you are proposing @DBrogue is public education is no longer treated as some kind of sacred cow. That it should be OK to declare entire school district failed and fire all employees. We are very far from this point.

This isnt about guns at all. What happens when a child brings an aspirin to school for headache, and gets treated same as a drug dealer. Or on the other end of the spectrum, kids surround a pregnant teacher, threaten her and push her down the stairs -no consequences. It happened where I live.


What I am trying to say is PARENTS need to step up and tell elected officials this is not acceptable and IF you dont do something about it this is what we are prepared to do. Home schooling is becoming ever increasingly popular.

There was a time when public school was not an option for many (not in my lifetime but…) it seems to be a popular option when parents no longer agree with what the school system is doing (or not doing).

I know a family where the oldest daughter still in school has trouble maintaining an C+ average while attending classes. When she was doing homeschooling (Medical reasons she could not physically attend) she applied herself and was an A to A+ student.

In her words she could concentrate on her studies and not have to deal with all the distractions and opinions for her peers and instructors. She was able to do research and gain facts. I even helped her with some of her required chemistry labs at her mothers request.

She went back to physical school after she was physically able the next school year. After a semester it was obvious this was not good and they made arrangements for her to finish her last two years of school at home. Looks like she will have no problem getting into college because of her grades (she still takes the same monitored tests everyone else does).

Here is my point. Until there was no choice but to do home schooling no one realized just how much the classroom instruction was holding this individual back.


@DBrogue I live miles from Parkland where 17 students were massacred by a psycho kept in school system by insane policies. Naturally there was talk about ousting the school superintendant. When school board elections came, what do you think voter turnout was?
If people dont care enough in this kind of situation -they wont care ever.

BTW, Andrew Pollak, whom I consider one of the best advocates of kids safety in schools, said exactly what you did -home school, private school if you can afford it, public system has failed.

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I understand your anger but parents simply can’t stop paying their taxes. A more productive way to approach these BS activities is to get yourself on the school board and then change the narrative. In America schools fall largely under local control and that means school boards. If liberals control the board you get liberal decisions. In other words, you get what you vote for. Our brothers and sisters in Virginia learned the hard way that voting and being politically active matters.

For years I read hateful comments on Facebook and Twitter, listened to disgusting messages left on voice mail and witnessed angry parents blowing off steam in the front office. However, seldom did any of these people attend a board meeting let alone run and get elected to the board. It’s through this process that change occurs.

We will all pay our taxes because that’s the law. We can put our kids in private school or homeschool but guess what, you’ll still pay taxes to support your local public school.

Change requires using your noggin and being politically active. If all the courage we can muster is to become a keyboard warrior then we lose.

Suspending a 6 year old for making a gun gesture is idiotic at best. It will take action to stop this kind of persecution.

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Kind of like declaring all gun owners psychopathic killers and confiscating all firearms isnt it.

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All of your points are valid. Especially the trend toward zero consequences for obviously bad acts. The finger gun thing is bs but I’ve seen teachers and staff assaulted by students with zero action taken. Somewhere along the way we lost our common sense button.

IMO the woke liberalism we are currently experiencing is the root of the problem. If we survive this I’ll be shocked.


This Downs Syndrome Child needs to be given if a Downs Syndrome diagnosis and be given special treatment appropriate to his abilities. The behavior is handled equitably this way but I have a feeling this child is being treated with an affirmative action to place him as a normal child without special treatment where his behavior and advances on others can become dangerous.

James you need to read up on the situation. First, downs syndrome is a medical diagnosis not an educational diagnosis. Second the student (Margot) is a six year old female student who is identified as a student with special needs by the district in cooperation with her parents. Third, federal law requires that students with special needs be educated, to the maximum extent possible, along side regular students. FInally, I doubt seriously that this little girl presented any threat whatsoever to other students or staff.

I know that many people would like to see students with special needs separated from “normal” students. That way of thinking is archaic at best and extremely discriminatory at worst.

While I disagree 100% with the school’s decision to involve law enforcement in this case, I disagree 1000% with an attitude that blames the child.

Hope you have a great day my friend.

I am normally all for the 2A, but who thought it would be a good idea to give these Kindergarten kids finger guns? If they did not have these finger guns in the classroom, this would never have happened!

:roll_eyes: :grinning:

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I see it strictly as a digital problem.:point_right:

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This really really depends on the child and the situation. While the incident here is ridiculous, I will remind you about Nikolas Cruz, who terrorized staff and students for years, before his final horrific act. The same school district saw a lawsuit, when a teacher was not properly advised of student’s special needs, got overpowered and raped.

The problem is the blanket “no child left behind” policies, that force children with severe behavioral issues into the general student population. Ultimately, these policies are a disservice to everyone.

Having a student with special needs may provide kids and teachers with a great lesson in compassion, patience and acceptance. You cannot legislate or codify this.

No Child Keft Behind was a Bush era law. PL 94-142 (IDEA) was passed in 1975 and required students with special needs to be educated along side their peers whenever possible. Citing Nicholas Cruze sounds alot like saying that since one gun owner is a criminal, all gun owners are criminals.

I’m sure you have concerns, we all do. However, I’ve worked with hundreds of students who have special needs and the facts just don’t support those concerns. Citing a few, extremely rare, cases as proof that all of these individuals are trouble is really quite laughable. Again, it sounds alot like condemning all gun owners for the acts of a few extreme folks.

Good day.


My wife’s best friend’s husband, worked with special needs children for 30 years. He loved what he did until the state cut special needs funding.

He then had to teach math to regular students. A direct quote " his special needs kids were better human beings than his regular students. They were more respectful, focused, and wanted to learn". END QUOTE.

I will take his 30 years of experience, and just note that I took my daughter out of her public school and placed her in a school for gifted students even though it cost me an hour plus drive each way.

I had to go to the Board of Education, with my attorney, due to my daughter being bullied " because the girl doing the bullying was an African American, and her mother had already sued the school". Told them that if they thought what she did was bad, wait til I played the recording of them saying that to me on multiple occasions.

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@Michael7 I am not condemning anyone, and am saying exactly the opposite -all human beings are different, and need to be treated on individual basis, and not as a group/category. This sort of simplification is the hallmark of the liberals in education. A child with special needs may flourish if placed with regular students; or, such child may benefit from placement with specialist school and educators that specialize in the particular issue. Had this happened to Cruz - maybe he would be stopped from committing the atrocity. What prevented his transfer to special school? Exactly the policy that treats everyone “equally”, a handiwork of the liberal and incompetent school superintendent.