Does anybody Know something about Biden doing a ban on AR 15 "Style Rifles and Pistols?

This article popped up in my news feed from the Washington Examiner by Paul Bedard. I thought this crap was stopped dead.

Biden and ATF just created 29 million felons (

It was not stopped.

It went into effect.

There is an injunction for certain folks who are members of certain groups, but generally, it is in effect and a whole lot of people who bought pistols at gun stores are now federal felons and don’t even know


Ok next question.

What EXACTLY constitutes an “AR 15 Style” rifle or pistol?

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Depends on who you ask. There is no singular definitive definition for “AR15 style”.

But I don’t know of any law that states “AR15 style” without defining, for purposes of that law, what it is.

The pistol brace thing, to my knowledge (I am not a lawyer) deals with more than “AR15 style” firearms as well

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My concern is that I own a completely unmodified SKS. I own t for its beauty as the tool that it is. It simply has great lines and form follows function. While it is regularly shot and maintained, I would hardly call it an assault weapon as I will not destroy such a treasure by modifying it.
So what should I do?

I don’t think the pistol brace ruling is necessarily an “assault weapon” thing. The pistol brace thing is about “is it a pistol or is it a short barrel rifle”, the whole “assault weapon” thing is a different thing.

I don’t know of any original unmodified SKS rifles that would be effected by the pistol brace changes.

Does your SKS have a 16" or longer barrel?

We can’t tell you what to do. If you live in a more gun friendly state, a regular old SKS Rifle doesn’t seem like there would be a reason to worry about needing to destroy it or anything but if you want to know as definitively as possible, ask an attorney in your state.


That is my next step. I don’t think my state will put up much of a fuss. We are constitutional carry, stand your ground and castle law. You would think that would be a deterrent. Sadly, a peaceful person must now arm themselves in order to remain so.
Thanks for the time Nathan.


Unless you have an installed pistol brace, and a barrel less than 16 inches in length, this “rule” should not apply to your SKS.

Many AR platforms and other large-format pistols either came with or could accept a pistol brace. These pistols have barrels less than 16" long. Such guns are the subject of this unconstitutional edict.

You should be good to go, but I am not a lawyer and can’t issue valid legal advice. Just fyi.

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