Does a disability give you special rights?

@Simjack - I don’t think anyone has been denying your disability, just noting that from a personal defense perspective, it doesn’t give you any special rights.


No one is making light of your disability. We are just saying it doesn’t give a special standing under the law.

Where your disability would come into play is in the courtroom. One of the standards to convict is what would a reasonable person who WAS just like you have done. That’s where your attorney would bring in your disabilities and diminished physical capacity.

For example, my reasonable man has a 6 level fusion of the lumbar spine, both hips replaced, both SI joints fused, an extremely rare medical condition for stress and an implanted Nevro unit (helps me walk).

That doesn’t give me special standing to not get arrested and brought to trial but can be used as mitigating circumstances for why I acted in self defense the way that I did.

As one final note I am assuming from the Saigon mention, you were in Vietnam, thank you for your service. I think our nation treated our Vietnam servicemen shamefully.


Here in Louisiana, a disability [diagnosis of any-kind at any age]would give you special privileges to have a doctor consent you firearms permit… [Sarcastic tone]

In all truth, I’m fighting for people’s rights concerning that. It’s unconstitutional and many flaws exist on this b/s legislation. But I’ll name two for time sake,

(1) DOCTORS FEEL THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PATIENTS POTENTIALLY MIS-HANDLING AND[or] RESULTING IN BODILY HARM, AND[or] DEATH AFTER COMPLETION! This miscommunication causes attorneys to advise for them NOT to sign off on this mandatory form[On your part…They DO NOT have to submit AND most likely will NOT.

FYI: Any individual who misrepresents any medical diagnosis or medicines that a doctor must verify is committing a felony. Therefore, I don’t suggest any thinking they left-out or forgot your ADHD diagnosis age 11 causing you to be arrested.

(2) Doctors for Responsible Gun Owners did not help me find a doctor therefore, I would not count on them for anybody else here in Louisiana.

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Tennessee doesn’t have those types of restrictions. Until your post I haven’t heard of those restrictions but Tennessee is a A2 state. On the surface Louisiana sounds like their legistrators are imposing strict gun control measures.


This has actually been in affect sense 2014 but issue is, recent diagnosis…

Not mentally insain, I’m not taking narcotics but issue remains in law…

I’m too honest of person…

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Hello. I’m late replying, and haven’t read all of the replies before mine. However, I read enough to see the great folks point out and link to data about disparity of force.

Lemme tell you what the prosecuting attorney who taught a legal update class I took a few years after having been licensed to carry in Ohio.

Because I have a medicine pump with more than enough medicine in it to kill me, if an attack of any physical nature threatened that pump being damaged and overdosing me, which I later verified with my Dr is precisely what would happen, he said I am legally permitted to respond to an attack as quickly, under the laws of our state, as would someone in a wheelchair. The fact is, a punch to the stomach or being knocked down hard enough, in my case is a deadly threat.

EDIT–Add this: “special RIGHTS?” NO.
Special consideration in a court of law by a jury, and soundly presented by your defense attorney? Yes, I think probably.

What I’m getting at is that each individual is by definition, different. So what constitutes “Imminent danger of severe bodily harm or death,” which is my Ohio criteria for using lethal force in self-defense, will be interpreted with such things as disabilities in mind, given your defense is aware and worth a whit. But since u r posting here, you must have defense shield and if u ever need an attorney, the USCCA is going to make sure you have one qualified to defend you…at least i bet on thst proposition with monthly dues…