Disabilities, Still Training Hard, Conceal and Carrying and Able to Stay in the Fight

This a hard subject and I have searched hard to find any area that may help if I were to get into a fight to protect and save lives and my own, if I use a firearm. First hand, I have concealed and carried for 3 years now and I have taken many training programs from USCCA, Need Many More. Plus, I have enjoyed over 14,000 rounds of different types of ammo, with my collections of pistols and rifles. I do not count any more the ammo or worry over what I need to do when it comes to safety, being consistent what type of firearm I carry daily, the state and federal laws (Stay Up To Date), I try to be confident in daily life, one day at a time. Biggest issue was with people and negative remarks or commits. Walk away! Be your BEST.

This article is to request information on what may I encounter, what must I do, “the medical facts”, and the main point is the Legal Issues to face if I encounter my own self defense case and I use deadly force to protect family and self.

I am DISABLED, fact is, nothing can fix that. There are AREAS that we all need to keep fresh in our minds is Situational Awareness, ( Our Color Codes: WHITE, YELLOW, ORANGE, and RED ) Plus, being responsible and trained well to follow laws and guidelines that are listed in the use of deadly force. Here is the issue with me, I have been SURGERICALLY FUSED from L3, L4, L5 and S1 lower back and that was 6 weeks ago. Major overhaul work and I have about 10 more months to complete the fusing process. I have trained hard and studied the best of my ability to be one of the best and I have started to get back in the ball game and work back to the top. ( Intermediate class ) I wish to be able to return back into training. Home, Personal Protection, Others, Church, and etc.

Here is the MAJOR POINT AND ISSUES. Remember the FACTORS : RUN (FLIGHT), HIDE, or FIGHT ? If I was forced to get into a self defense issue and I have followed the RULES and I used DEADLY FORCE and I am not able to RUN. ( I did not say I did not look for an escape route !!! ) But I used deadly force and I was in fear of loosing my life and I STOPPED the THREAT . What is some of the issues that I may encounter LEGALLY for me not running away and stand my ground to use my firearm ???

Sorry for the long story and I am not a lawyer, but I will need a great one in this novel.

Thank you! William Smith


Being disabled, would be in your favor for not running. Your not able. If you were court, and asked why you didn’t run away, “well, I’m not able due to these physical ailments” goes a long way in the public eye.


Me too, sciatic on both sides and 2 bad knees. I have to walk with a cane, can’t stand for vey long or walk very far.

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I have some of the same issues. You will find that with some work and creative thinking they won’t be as limiting in the long term as you are now thinking they might be.

Aside from the spinal issues I have very limited use of my left arm have had one ankle overhauled and the other completely rebuilt from the ground up and bilateral knee repairs.

I still shoot at an expert level with rifle, shotgun, pistol and still enjoy teaching combatives, disarms etc for both civilian and police.

Work with what you have, don’t let it slow you down and you’ll be fine.

Just keep in mind that while you’re going through the overhaul process goal setting in your training will be a big positive for you over the next few years as you learn to adjust and adapt to work within or around your limitations.

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