Post stroke

HI, I’m. Post stroke. On May 6th I suffered a stroke that left the right side partially paralyzed. My right arm and hand are effective. Lucky I’m left handed unfortunately my left hand is used to steer a wheelchair or to walk with a walker.
My question is how does one protect themselves. To draw a weapon, I would have to stop the wheelchair or the use of the walker. Any ideas??


@GORDON18 I am semi disabled I can walk but the legs do not work so well. I carry a pistol, a large folder, pepper spray and a heavy wooden cane, I like to have choices. You will have to practice to see what works and you can do. Good luck, Bruce. :us:


@moderators do we have and vids or articles for Gordon? Thanks. :us:

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Appreciate your post Gordon18. At first I thought it a good question for your local professional Therapists, both an Occupational Therapist (OT), and Physical Therapist (PT). You can even ask your rehabilitation specialist physician known as a Physiatrist. It sounds like you’d be asking them as an outpatient, and it would be best you do so in person or visually via live video. They likely would be billing your health care insurance as a consult.

But not just one from each disciplines, but a few, because just asking one – he/she might have one answer, but another may have different helpful information.

However, I wonder if one challenge may be if they are open or afraid to answer firearm related questions. Ergo, perhaps try to find such professionals who live or work in a region which is more friendly to our community. Depending upon where you reside, you might end up having to ask out of state professionals. Getting free advice from these professionals is a hallmark of integrity (to me), but outside of the office or clinic, they might be more open to talking with you about firearms. They also don’t want to risk being held liable should their advice end up in worsening of your condition.

You might have to really seek them out, perhaps through various firearm friendly organizations; Where you can also find other persons who have or had a disability. I wonder if instructors from the various training classes such as at the ranges – if they might know of other resources. Perhaps others here will comment, and or if you search other similar topics when you type your search in the search icon, in the far upper right hand corner of this page:



Here’s a USCCA article

And a company that produces a wheelchair mount.

Good luck in your search for a self defense solution that works for you.


Thank you for the videos. I will watch them. Bruce you have been great31

have been great have