Criminals we wheelchair bound also carry


We/they need to hear of more stories like this. :smiley:


The victim was not quite so willing to be robbed as the robber might have hoped.

That’s a tee shirt slogan for sure.


I wonder if the Americans with Disabilities Act can be used as another legal challenge point for some of these anti firearms laws?

Pistol braces were specifically designed to help people with physical disabilities. I’ve also seen several people around town using their wheel chairs to travel fairly long distances. I suspect because operating a car would be difficult if not impossible for them. They wouldn’t have the ability to park their car across the street and leave their pistol in it when going to a post office or other restricted places. Those regulations force them to be defenseless their entire trip.

People with physical challenges are another excellent example of why the right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed.


that used to be me 10 years ago. I used to travel an 2 hours each way to go to a local gun range. I would charge my batteries for the return trip while I shot and cleaned up afterwards. then I would head home again.
did this because the bussing system would not pick me up. due to the fact I was carrying a rifle or ammo and they assumed I had a handgun on me. so I said F’em and went on my happy way.


You Rock Brother! Gotts Love it when a person jumps over the hurdles and wins the race. :muscle: :+1:


Serves the scumbag right, for picking on a guy in a wheelchair. What a slime ball!