Doctor Questions about Gun Ownership

When I was filling out a Medicare questionnaire at an annual physical the question was asked if I owned firearms. I left it blank. The doctor later commented on me not answering. I told her it wasn’t anybody’s business. She just commented “Uh, OK”. There was also a question if I was depressed. Answered that no. She asked about that also. I told her things were going fine in my life. Two weeks later, out of the blue, I get a letter from the same HMO asking if I’m depressed and offering services if I am. I ignored it and didn’t respond.

I’m like a coyote. I put my nose in the wind and smell danger. I’m smelling a setup here.

Anybody else run into a similar situation regarding their medical care?


Change your Physician you have no fiduciary obligations or responsibility to answer either of those questions. Get a referral from a friend or someone you trust. I change family doctors all the time, last one I had his ego entered the exam room a few minutes before his body. My Heart doctor in is very cool in contrast, he is very ok with firearms.
Word about Medicare dump the HMO and get Part F, it’s more costly but I never run into crap like what you described. Good Luck Sir


Yes I can relate I’m a soldier with PTSD and anxiety. I have lots of guns. There is no setup. Answer them yes I have guns so what. They will ask are you suicidal or homicidal. Answer NO. No I’m not. Easy my guns are no weapons they are shields. I pack to defend not to inflict unjustified harm to anyone. If I can answer this question at the veterans hospital so can you. You know with all the nut jobs packing guns I say more doctors should ask. I’d rather be honest than lie.


Not lying. Just not answering. I still believe it’s none of their business.


What’s the big secret so they ask if you got a gun. My answer yes. My question to the doctor do you have a gun? If they answer yes great. If they are anti gun great who cares. I will tell them I have a gun meaning 1 I have lots of guns doesn’t mean because I tell you yes I have a gun means we are going to talk about what I pack or not doesn’t apply. If your at the doctors office anyway you will be unarmed by the federal sign 30.06. So at that time of the question do I have a gun. No I don’t. Why get all wrapped up over a question. So what I have a gun. How does that effect me at the doctors. I’m not armed then.


It’s none of their business. Period. We all draw a line somewhere.


Just have a thing about privacy. It’s part of my cranky old geezer persona I like to play.


That’s your choice to answer or not. I personally don’t care if they ask. Great now you asked if I have a gun. While I’m sitting there bleeding for cutting my hand on the doctors floor. So they ask, and I’ll say sure now cant you care to my medical needs.


prior to the fanaticism of abusing the system to realize an ideologic goal, I would have had no issues answering the question though, even as a physician , I do NOT ask the question unless I have serious concerns about a person’s intent or state of mind - then it is incumbent on me to ask it. Unless there is some intellectual concern, however, it is NONE of my business, and I do not ask, nor do I think it should be a part of any general questionnaire…in this hyper-energized setting where the ends seem to fully justify any and all means employed to get to your goal, this is not a question that should be asked or standardized in my opinion.


Thanks Doc.


Exactly doc. You are A medical professional. Your a doctor first not a gun educator. You are right if your medical training says this person isn’t right in the head I would ask about a gun also.


What is the federal 30.06 sign

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I might of been wrong on the federal 30.06 sign I believe that is Texas only my apologies. I seem them from time to time.

No problem, I have never heard of it and links to Dr. Visits.

In texas hospitals courts schools and other businesses have a Texas 30.06 or 30.07 sign

I’ve personally haven’t seen that question yet. I would also opt out of answering that.

The only firearm related question I’ve come across is for my annual DOT physical for the hearing portion. And it only asked if I’ve been around firearms.

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@Sheepdog556 this might be state dependent. I don’t ever recall being asked during my DOT physical here in NC.

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@Peter, we used to hire a lot of off-duty marines for ranch work in CA when we were there. On 2 occasions we had young men working for us who had been denied purchases on account of what they told the VA. Dont know if that was appropriate or not because I’m not their counselor, but what is said in the VA office can be used against you.

Thang you @Charles26, that is exactly what I’m thinking as well (from the other side of the doctor’s desk)
What I find equally alarming is when docs do the “no parent allowed in the room” exam routine with minor children and then ask the child if there are firearms in the home. This happened to several of my friends kids in CA before I moved out of that state. In theory, it’s so they can ask the kids about parental abuse without the parent in the room, but they were doing this where there was no indication of abuse, just as a general practice.

When challenged on it, one doc said “we’re required to do it with all children, so no point changing doctors.” :scream: don’t know if it was state law, as the doc led my friend to believe, or just corporate policy, but the fact that they’re asking kids about firearms outside the company of their parents is very disturbing.

At any rate, while the feds already know I have firearms courtesy of background checks, I still think it’s worth reducing the number of channels where people who don’t need to know are asking to know.


Doesn’t effect me in any way buying or having my license to carry. I think it depends how deep into a conversation you go into with your doctor. They ask me all the time my answer is always yes. They ask if I’m suicidal I’m not so I answer they ask am I homicidal and I’m not so I answer no. That’s all they ask and this is my mental health treatment not a primary doctor. Only time I had a e.r. doctor ask me if I’m armed was once I got really sick the ems looked in my wallet and saw my chi license which in texas looks Just like your drivers license. I answered no I’m not armed. I chose to answer so they feel safe I feel safe and I got treatment. Sometimes in situations like that I can understand them asking.

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Never been asked, and I hope I am never asked, because I would answer yes. It is none of their business, and I won’t lie. But it would seem that declining to answer is the same as a yes. My concern is that declining to answer, in their minds, would be a yes with intent to deceive.

Imagine you actually do not own a firearm, and you see that question. You would likely have no problem answering no.