Doctors asking about gun ownership

I just saw this come up in my news feed. Things like this come around every so often and it makes my blood boil.

My Doc knows I own firearms, he knows why I own firearms and he knows I know how to safely manipulate those firearms. He and I have had that discussion because he is not a mindless liberal zombie like 99% of the rest of the doctor’s in the country. He has a questionnaire he is required to go through with me every time I visit. One question he said he really did not like to ask above all the other questions is: “What are you afraid of?” My answer is “The only thing I am afraid of is my Wife.” She would say I’m not, but I should be.

My Doc is an Air Force Doc. He gave me my exit physical when I left RAF Upper Heyford back in '92. SO , I get out, move back home, and I find a family practice clinic. Three years later, I am going in for an appointment and I see him. He has been my Family Doctor since.

He knows me, He knows why I have guns and he is good with it. He owns guns too.


Thats pretty slick right there. Your Doc has been with you a bit. Thats a good thing. I had to take a flight physical number of years back to get my 3rd class Airman’s Certificate


If I said I was afraid of my wife, the medical staff would be required by law to report me to law enforcement as a potential domestic violence victim.

I don’t answer any question unless it is medically related. My mental health, weapons ownership, or home life are none of their business.


stuart i agree 100% i dont answer those questions.


Yeah, my medical office has been asking q’s like this and “are you sad” and “what are your pronouns” for a while now. My answer is NUNYA business.


OK, I’ll admit it. I Lie to her.
OK aaa firearms in the home
Yep one million

Same thing every year. Hell she’s seen my EDC on my belt, I doubt she cares much since she has one too.
That said, We Are Not Fooled. This Information Goes Straight To A Government Agency, With Identifiable Information Attached.


Suggested responses to inappropriate medic queries:

  1. Doctor, would you like to discuss boundaries?
  2. Why do you ask?
  3. TLJ-really

I like your answer, I would add WTF?


My doctor is also a good friend of mine. Every time I come in for a visit the first thing he says when he walks in the room is “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”(same as my dentist). He carries all the time as do I. That question isn’t even on his form as far as I know. We have gone target shooting before as well as hunt and fished together. I am blessed to live where I do and to have the people around me as I do. I would advise all of you to find the same. They are out there. If you live in a state/community where guns are frowned upon, then vote those clowns out of office. Convince your family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers to NOT VOTE DEMOCRAT or anyone who is anti 2A. Run for office yourselves. Show them history! Hitler first rounded up all the guns and then he was able to round up his perceived enemies! Our guns are what keeps liberal politicians at bay. When they go, so do we!


Love the first one.

"And how abut firearms?

“Firearms do you have any”

“aaa OK we’ll move on to the next question”


I tell them about my firearm ownership before they find the one on my belt is all


My doctor has never brought the topic up. I guess lucky me :upside_down_face:


I don’t think that question is on the form at my doc. All his Amish patients would refuse to answer it as well. There are some good reasons to go to a doc in Amish country. There’s a lot of things he can’t push with me if he can’t push it with them.


Probably afraid of the rural white Christian rage. :rofl: @Karacal :sunglasses:


Out here there is a code. Dont ask, don’t tell. :wink:


I have a problem with this statement. 99% of doctors are not liberals. Just because they go to medical school does not mean they accept a liberal worldview. Now, 99% of doctors who are vocal on hot button political subjects may be liberals, but that’s a different story. Most of them are good people who genuinely want to help and serve their community.

As far as answering questions, legally, you are not required to answer anything the doctor asks, or comply with them in any way. You have the legal right to refuse any treatment or attempted treatment. On a practical level, if my doctor ever asks me a question that makes me uncomfortable, I have no problem telling him that’s none of his business and reminding him that practicing medicine is his business, not my personal life.


“Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment (UPHE) is dedicated to protecting the health and well-being of the residents of Utah by promoting science-based education and interventions that result in progressive, measurable improvements to the environment.”

“We have grown to about 430 physicians and over 3,500 members of the public.”

I’ll bet you 99% of these doctors are liberals.


Just a quick Google search of “statistics about doctors political affiliations” gave the following as the top answer:

“Among physicians who matched to voter registration records, 35.9% were Democrats, 31.5% were Republicans, and the remaining 32.6% were independents or third-party registrants. Among the partisans, 53% were Democrats, and 47% were Republican.“

From this website, listed as the top response:,%2C%20and%2047%25%20were%20Republican.

There’s some research that implies more doctors are left leaning now than a decade ago, but it’s still a far cry from the 99% claim.


I’m less worried about my doctor than I am about Microsoft tracking who watches that video.


4 1/2 years between visits, no questions asked relating to gun ownership.

I’m more worried about future implications of using paid mental health day at work.
I know people who use them and they DO need to use them. :roll_eyes: