Do You Know Your Local Officers

We all make mistakes - including police officers. There have been horrific results from some mistakes. When officers make mistakes, they’re not intentional - they’re mistakes.

If an officer knows you and knows where you live, there may be less chance of a mistake happening.

Do you know your local officers?


Not in person :confused:
I’ve been seeing them frequently driving around my area, but I’m not sure if they’ve seen me :thinking:
I always waive my hand seeing them… so hopefully they can recognize me in case… but I’m not sure…

Personally, I wish there were programs to introduce and support familiarity, respect, and relationships between the police and the community they serve when they are not currently working on an investigation/stop/911 call. I’m not really aware of anything like that in my community.

They don’t know me personally but they know me well enough that any mistakes on their end is actually a bad idea.

In our area, we have no “local officers.” Most of Hillsborough County, FL is what I call “unincorporated,” like the small towns and rural areas of WI. We have no local government, police force or firefighters. We rely on the county for all services.

I personally know a lot of officers in the area and a handful in my local division. Louisville/Jefferson County is a strange animal. Jefferson County and the City of Louisville became a Consolidated Government in 2003. The unique thing is that the new City/County also contained numerous small cities that existed prior to the merger and are still small cities within Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government. With this, we have the Louisville fire department and 18 suburban fire departments that did not merge, City and County EMS which did merge along with a few other Fire Department EMS providers, City and County police which merged but there are also 22 other county/small(er) city police departments and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. (LMPD is the largest LE agency in the state followed by the State Police and JCSO is the third largest).
Fast forward 13+ years and Louisville/Jefferson County is having financial troubles and public safety is taking a big hit. In response, many suburban fire departments are merging and have incorporated EMS services in the FD and the suburban small cities have either started their own police departments or have contracted with other small city departments to provide services. Looking back, it appears Louisville is beginning to look like it did before the merger.

But I still know many officer who would show up at my door.

This theory only holds weight in a small community, not in a large city.


We have few events each year (fair, local celibratins, 4th of July) where the local police are out and about or have a meet and greet stand. I go out of my way to strike up a conversation with them and let them know I live just down the street.

You’d be surprised how many big city officers know many folks on their beats.

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My town has Coffee with a Cop every so often. I live just outside the city limits and the county sheriff does not yet have such a program. I’ll make a gentle suggestion to the sheriff.

That is just a horribly sad list of accounts.

Bad things happen. How can we mitigate them?

Everyone one of them, plus FD, and EMS as well. I train with them every few months, due to a rare medical condition and I have trained 2 SAR dogs for them. Whenever my name, car tag, or address is put in the system. My medical condition comes up.

I give up some privacy, in return they know how to treat my medical condition. But it does mean I have a significant amount of of good will built up with them.

No. I know several officers, but there are thousands in my city, and I don’t necessarily know the officers in my area. I’m blessed to live in a lower crime area, so they aren’t usually patrolling my neighborhood, anyway.

Funny though, I’ve noticed that many officers can size you up pretty quickly. They may not know me, but they can usually figure out that I’m not the person they need to pay attention to.

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I live in a small city and know all the officers. I go on Ride Alongs with them. They know me and my background. They know that if they are in trouble, I will stop and do whatever is necessary to help them. They are all Constitutional. They refused to enforce the unconstitutional Covid 19 mandates put out by our governor. Our PD pretty much knows most of what goes on in our area. The know the good guys and the players. Now I’m on the City Council and they know me even better.

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