Do YOU know what to do when the rioters get to YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?


I’m glad you were able to listen to the phone call. I wasn’t ranting and raving like a madman, I was reviewing my options. I was calm and even thanked the person at the end. As I said I was not best pleased at the response. But that was not the fault of the person I talked to.

If some group were to come into my neighborhood, it has 2 entrances and exits. I would expect they would know that, as there would probably be someone in that group who would know the neighborhood. As far as being able to stop a mob? Yeah I think I could if I really put All of my training to it. Am I willing to. No. I have no desire to get thrown into prison.

When someone or a group of someone’s makes a specific enough threat it raises itself to my level of review of a threat and I review it… After the riot Sunday, and the specificity of the demands which were made (that Birmingham’s mayor caved into). I called my various insurance and membership organizations to find out what was covered what wasn’t covered.

From the video you posted about Tim’s reaction to “The Video” I feel much the same. I am sickened by what happened. I was sickened by the coverage of “The Atlantic” which said when "white people protested with guns in Michigan, they were “protestors” but when the African American community protested and then began rioting and looting cities they were unfairly called thugs and terrorists.

I wasn’t in Michigan when they protested, but I don’t remember any rioting and looting going on. But that’s just me. YMMV.


@Mel2, my point was that we’re all trying to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Keeping our loved ones out of harm’s way is nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to attack someone over.

Shaming anyone about trying to protect their family in the best way they can is not what this Community is about. We all have different abilities and strengths. If you want to stand and fight, that is your right. I cannot advise everyone in this Community to stand and fight no matter what. That would be irresponsible of me. I am not here to instigate or incite. I am here to help people protect their loved ones the best way they can.

I’m not asking you to agree with me, that’s not the point of the Community. People of all backgrounds are welcome with all different opinions and viewpoints. The thing we ask is that you express your view respectfully.

I suggest you do not tell someone else in the Community that the way they choose to protect their family is no different than cowling to the like of Nazi run Germany.

You have your views, others have their views. Personal attacks are not allowed in the Community.


You were polite to the person on the phone, no questions there. But there’s really no other answer we could give. Given a hypothetical question there isn’t a concrete answer we could have given.

Was there a question she didn’t answer that I missed in listening to the recording?


The question being, if forced into a confrontation by rioters and looters, who have come to my home and are throwing bricks and Molotov cocktails at my home while my wife and I are inside, and I am forced to defend myself. Because each blindly thrown brick and every thrown Molotov has the chance to kill. What does the USCCA do?


Alabama is both a Castle Doctrine state and a Stand Your Ground State.

Also there has been a long standing tradition legally where say 5 people go Rob a bank and one shoots a teller. That all 5 share that culpability.


OK, I see where the disconnect was - you’re asking if your USCCA Membership would cover the act of self-defense if it was against a mob?

That depends on the situation. Are you arrested for physically defending yourself and your loved ones? What you would do if you physically defend yourself, no matter what the situation, is call 911 and then give the USCCA a call. The Critical Response Team would arrange for an attorney to speak with you as soon as possible after the incident.

From there, your situation would go through the review that all situations go through to ensure that any charges are self-defense related.

Is that what we were missing in the original conversation?


Yes. I am not going to go seek a mob out so I can get my vigilante on. But if I am cornered by a mob I’m not going to volunteer myself to be the next Reginald Denny either


We’re here to help you legally defend yourself after you’ve physically defended yourself, @Zavier_D. The criteria for self-defense should be kept in mind during this difficult time.

(Imminent, unavoidable danger of death or grave bodily harm. You must be an innocent party (no inciting or making the situation worse).)


I understand your desire to protect your family first and am sorry for the comment of “it is like cowering to Nazi Germans”…but history shows us that IS what happened. The Jewish people allowed themselves to be “directed” by those who only sought to do them severe harm. Albeit at first the Nazis used a false narrative that they were moving them to a safer location…but that location turned out to be camps where hideous things were done.
As Americans, we ALL must live with the fact that our freedoms are just “a riot” away from being lost. That the colors of our National flag DO NOT RUN!
Everytime our government, politicians and authorities bend to demands of and crimes committed by these homegrown terrorists…ANOTHER piece of your freedom, your children’s freedom and their children’s freedom are placed at risk.
I may be wrong, and correct me if I am…but I would think since you are here in your capacity of a firearm usage “insurance” organization…that you already have the thought in your mind that you might end up in a scenario that you very likely will have to use your firearm to protect yourself and/or your family in today’s dangerous society.
I have carried a firearm on my person for now well over 35 years, having to rely on and turn to my firearm only a couple of times during my former 28 year career. I began to carry first as an armed guard working undercover to internally investigate the guard service itself and continued to carry in my compacity as a State Court Investigator…long before there were State licensing for CCWs for the general public.
I have always known that my actions and abilities may or may not allow me to go home each day…but after almost 30 years…I DID come home each and ever day thruout my career. And I always held that the responsibility of being armed was a strong one…and one that placed me in a far better position to defend my God given Freedoms than what the average Joe were allowed.
Those same convictions are very strong in me today…and is why I will NEVER stand down from a threat to those freedoms…most definitely NOT from this bogus and race issue used lie… to destroy our cities and towns, and especially our American way of life that so many have died for to give to and keep those freedoms for us and our future families!


Again Dawn…I apologize if I came across as “trying to shame you” in any way…that WAS NOT my intention in any form.
What I guess I forsee is people here already are aware that in today’s society, deadly force is a high likelihood…and hence WHY they are paying a premium to a self defense legal “insurance” company.

I again guess in my mind, people don’t buy insurance unless they strongly feel they are highly likely to have to use it. And those would be the same like minded folks who would stand their ground and fight for their family, their home, their pets and their Freedoms…against ALL enemies to those freedoms…even if the ultimate sacrifice is a great possibility.


@Mel2, I’m not insulted, I’ve heard much worse - trust me.

There are people of every skill level here in the Community and I want everyone to know that escaping to protect your family is a very viable option and nothing to be ashamed about.

I have multiple plans and variations of those plans set up because I know that an issue may arise and I may need to defend myself. I’ve had those plans in place and adjusted them continually over time as my experience and skill have evolved.

For all who are new to firearms, have restrictions to their movement ability or have a family with little one, they need to know that we want them to do what is best for themselves and their families. There’s a time and a place to fight - and that may be different for everyone.


Probability vs Impact.

I have fire coverage on my home. I hope I never need it. But in the unlikely event that my house caught fire, I would need a lot of help to recover those my losses. Same with self defense. I hope I never need to draw my weapon, but I’m aware that it can be very expensive.


You should be careful on word choice… But if you did this, I’m sure a lawyer would pick apart everything you say, and then what?




A subject like this is why we should not be isolated from each other. This subject doesn’t come with a pat answer, it depends on far too many things. I know two things for sure though. One, if i am ever so unfortunate as to be cornered, and forced to fight, I WILL have to answer for my actions, and I’m ok with that in a law and order society. And Two, I will avoid that situation if there is any way i can see in the moment to do so. Not because we shouldn’t fight if life demands it of us, but because the cost of that fight is so high in human terms. I am mindful of two things when i consider such questions. One, After one of the most unquestionably justified uses of self defense with a firearm , the defender was none the less never able to forget the sick feeling of so harming another human being, and made sure i knew it before lessons began. And Two, a decision i had to make one night when there was no knowing if the victim was alive or dead, or dying as i faced the choice. Even though the choice proved out, there was no guarantee of that, and that 24 hours wait never left me, because, "what if " he had died that night?

My point? We learn, train, and steel our resolve to do the hard thing if ever we have too, as well we should, but then, I for one, am going to avoid finding my self in that spot if there is any way i can. I lock my doors, and have good dogs, and lights with motion sensors, because I really don’t want to resort to that last defense with that firearm i train so much with, because everything in my world is going to change if that ever happens. I will face it if i have too, but not if i can avoid it.


In this day and age with the blatant crimes and falsehoods within our politics, the criminal element non-punishment and our extremely biased legal system that has built giant revolving doors for career criminals, our younger social society that condones and supports the criminals, their actions and their lifestyles.

To sit in almost ANY court in our country today and watch as liberal judges slap the wrists of street thug offenders with multiple felony charges…and tell them “Have a job when you come back next court date” and watch them walk right out the front door of the court building…then spend months hunting the criminal back down and bring him back before that judge…just for the judge to ask “Did you get a job?” Perp says yeah but he lost it when we grabbed him for the warrant…and the judges says "Well have another one before you come back next time…and OUT THE FREAKIN DOOR HE GOES!

Then you see a local young Police Officer, who while off duty and at a family get together…has a couple beers.

A State Trooper stops him for an equipment violation (no license plate light) and he catches a 1st time charge of DUI of .09…just 1/10th over legal limit…He comes before the same judge and gets a 5 digit cash only fine, 2 years supervised probation and a $250 Driving School requirement before can get driver license back.

This causes the less than 2 year rookie to lose his job on the PD. Has to borrow money from parents to pay fine.

The first perp is seen later that week in county jail charged with 2nd Degree murder after beating his babies momma to death over a missing $20 bill!

So…the moral of the story is…IF I ever have to come before a judge for any charge (bogus or not)…I’m screwed ANYWAY as long as our society continues as it currently is.


So is mine…


@Walter_J Welcome to the community. Heady conversations today. :+1:


Moral of the story is sometimes bad people get lucky, and sometimes good people not so much…but at the end of the day everyone pays for their sins. A long time ago I made plans to go dove hunting with my cousin, he ended up bringing a friend. Long story short, I ended up telling them I needed to go meet my dad, made a 180, and a minute later got Dick Cheney’d in the back. The kid said he dropped his shotgun and tried to catch it and it fired. Was that the case? Who knows. He didn’t get arrested, but I know that if it was on purpose, one day he’ll have to answer for it.


I buy the insurance because i know that even if the problem is just some error i made transporting my ccw, or the like, that i have not a lick of experience being in trouble with the law, and they could run all over me if i have no access to legal advice or a defense. And because no matter how unlikely I think it is that I will need it, it’s sure not impossible in today’s world, and such an event would be catastrophic without help. I no more wish to be helpless in court than i do on the street, or in my home.