Do you have a plan?

SHTF, then what? Hunker down and stand by? Or grab your go bag head for the hills? Or join some friends together and support one another? Or go to the lake and find your boat that sank?

So moreover, Do you have a plan? Do you have a back=up plan? It is usually the details that will bite you in the rump. Access to water, food, being able to transport from said area to another safely.

What if a vehicle can’t be used? Do you have a bug out place that can be reached by foot within a day or two? Can you defend this area at 360 degrees?

Here is a test, how much food do you have minus what is in the frig and freezer? You would be amazed how fast the food goes bad when the equipment goes out. How long can you make it?

So, with this, do you have a plan? Do you have a backup plan?


I in general think “head for the hills” is, for almost everyone, a horrible idea that will end very badly.

It depends greatly on how one defines “SHTF”.

Hurricane? Tornado? Virus? Earthquake? Civil unrest/riots? Power grid attack and utilities are down?

Almost always I think hunkering down in your own residence with all of your stuff is best. Be good with your neighbors.

Or if it’s a local or regional disaster, bug out to a hotel or family or friend elsewhere to avoid it. If you have to go to “the woods”, so is everyone else, and, it’s going to suck. How many people have lived off what they can carry in the woods for even one week? It’s no picnic…and then there’s winter. Good luck.


Literally Louis and Clark killed all the game in their winter camp west of the Mississippi and had to eat roots that they said they would have rather died than suffer the intestinal switch to be able to handle those roots. People aren’t going to en masse go ou to the mountains and just live off shooting deer eastern US especially it’s not happening


This is where I find that plan A will be different than plan C because of the overall situation.


There are just so many things that can go wrong, like Nathan said, it depends on how the S is hitting the fan. We (my wife and l) try to be ready for the most likely. Where we are, hurricanes are always a threat. We have a drinking water well, with a generator and fuel for about a week, two if I stretch it. We have cooking fuel, freeze dried food, canned food, etc. We could do one to two weeks without much discomfort.

This could also cover us for a brief grid attack. Beyond that, it gets tough. She has type 1 diabetes. Without insulin, she dies, maybe in days, for sure in weeks. We stockpile, and I’m getting the stuff around to make evaporative cooling pots to prolong the life of the insulin, but the reality is, many of us truly need modern society to survive. Worst case, I estimate we could make it 3 or 4 months without any source of food or fuel before it became truly dire.

I know how to fish, but the lake behind us has basically been fished out with just recreational fishing already. The few hogs and deer in the area would all be killed and eaten in days. After more than a few months at most, right now, we don’t have much of a plan B. Depending on the extent of the damage we have family in North Florida and Western NY to go to, but if it was a widespread attack, destroying the grid, for, say, 6 months or more, many of us, especially us older guys and gals, would be pretty phucked.


We are staying home. We have about 3 acres with some woods. I live in a rural area. We have a well and had a manual well pump put in. We have survival food for 6 months. We have the ability to camp if the house were to be made uninhabitable. We are reasonably ready with medicine and medical gear. We have a good collection of cold remedies and other pills. We have other means to collect and purify water if the well pump gets damaged. We can stay warm and dry.

At our age and with our infirmities, bugging out is not an option. Where would one go anyway?


I live in the city and know no one in the hills.
And if everyone goes there all at the same time, I won’t be one of them sitting ducks on a two-lane road.

I have canned goods, bottled water, but I admit need to stock some more.
Neighbors are generally conservatives. Sticking around might be my best chance of survival—depending on what S hit the fan.


Couple of years ago natural SHTF badly, house survived. Wife and I were fully prepared.
60 gallons of water on hand, 6 - 8 months food supplies, not so good on the meds, but nothing life threatening at the time or within 6 months.
We were informed that there would be no services of any kind for at least two- three weeks. We were planning each hour. Living minute by minute. We had each other!
No electric, no water, no law enforcement, until national guard arrives, no fuel. Car was full and drivable! We made a commitment to ourselves that we would push through whatever came our way.

Three days later, early morning, a banging on the front door, then more banging like SWAT was preparing to flash bang my ass. Handgun in hand, shotgun, with wife at the ready, ( in an “L” position on the door ) AR strategically positioned. Silence, check the peephole, it’s my two grandsons, my two daughters, husbands in tow, three dogs and three vehicles!

We never got the chance to test our mettle. We got kidnapped by our own family, because they thought we were too “old” to handle the situation! Boy was I pissed off. Gun in hand, lost my cool, very angry that the demands were set the moment they crashed through the door! “You’re coming with us!” They gave us 20 minutes to get our sh/t together and packed us up with ALL my gear and our go bags were at the ready. 6,000 rounds of ammo, numerous rifles and handguns ( the ones that weren’t lost at sea ) all secretly tossed into the alpha vehicle.

Which we then drove over two hundred miles to “safety” of my daughter’s house. Stayed for the month. It took time to return, because half the state was without fuel!

We are thankful that we were taken care of, but I’m still pissed the way it went down! For the most part, ours was the only house to survive without a scratch! That’s why I didn’t want to leave! My home is my fortress! Mother Nature couldn’t phuck with me! We were strong and we were going to make it! They made me feel old!


Relative Safety, Security, Weapons, Ammo, Sister is older (we don’t camp)
We go outdoors we could die. No time to play the odds (already against us)
Have no where to run—I don’t RUN! PHUCK THEM!
Stay Warm, Dry and Hydrated, Water importante #1
Have good warm Boots and clothes that you can wear 24/7 and not be annoying
(6+) weeks MRE’s (actually better than MRE’s) Real food another (2+) weeks
Lots of Water (Bottled) Awesome Water system as long as power holds out.
Back-Hoe for the bodies, Lime (sort of kidding)
Extra Gas, but won’t use Vehicles unless it’s safe
Won’t worry bout Job, can get another.
Neighbors generally suck (No help there)
They know I Prep will probably come to me (Good luck w/ that)
**Be careful Gunner’s KNOW who’s asking for help, and who’s side they are on
Food only goes so far, Most stores may be closed or out.
Black out curtains all around (people see lights on they come like Scavengers).
(2) Generators that run Inside, Pre drilled and run hoses for venting, Quiet running
will keep fridge and freezer running. No need for Ice and coolers
KISS principals in effect.
Weather related? doubtful.
If this gets bad NO WORRIES fight till I can’t


Great idea, hadn’t thought about that. NOT KIDDING! They got three years of me kidding around! Game is over, I’m taking my lessons from the cartels.

That’s water storage, officer, no kidding!



To many scenarios to maintain the same plans for to long! Just try to stay alive, as long as posible!! Keep your love ones safe!!!


I have lots of plans and enough resources for my family for low to mid level events. Assuming we are not hit directly by a forest fire or tornado home is the best bet for us since we live in a very small town where many of our neighbors are more prepared than most.

But for a very large or very long term event all those plans will almost certainly go right out the window and we will have to improvise the best we can. I am not rich enough or lucky enough to have a friend with a bunker full of supplies that no one can easily find and no one that isn’t there doesn’t know about. Not to mention the couple dozen well armed, trained and completely trustworthy friends needed to defend it from all the people who will eventually wander by.

Though I have more experience traveling and living out in the wilderness than most, trying to live off the land and/or protect whatever resources I can drag to some remote spot isn’t likely to work out for very long given how many other people who haven’t planned for even short term minor events will suddenly decide that heading for the hills is their plan ABC and D.



Somewhat recently started to build up supplies. My main plans are hunkering down at home, we don’t have any property outside of the city, but do have some relatives we don’t see often that are out of the city with a lot of land that would probably take us in. They’re a couple states away though. We would bring as many supplies as possible we can carry in one or two cars so we could bring lots of items to share.

4-6 weeks of long storage food, plus what’s in the cupboards and freezers, and we have ways to prepare it without city utilities. Started keeping two extra BBQ tanks on hand instead of one, camp stove, emergency stove, etc.

Water is building up, I just need to figure out more storage space, we also have one of those bathtub liners to fill up immediately if water is available for a bit. Plan to eventually get a filtering system or keep fresh bleach on hand or pool shock to treat natural water if needed.

Recently started keeping extras of every days supplies (paper goods) and over the counter medicines.
Considering solar generator so nothing is outside running to draw attention.

Guns and ammo, have a good supply, will probably add more slowly over time.


we already live off the grid so good to go here, fuel, water,food,med,coms,ammo,guns,ect.


Being self-reliant in the first place is the best way to go for if something was to happen. Chicken and rabbits are good food sources to have available. Those who live off grid would not be affected by something happening.


I have a “get home” bag in my vehicle, otherwise if I’m at home when things go south, that’s where I’ll likely stay as I have food, water supply and power that will suffice me for some time. If he’s still on YouTube, Nutnfancy has an excellent series talking about collapse of society and the pros and cons of “bugging out”, prepping, etc., without going whacko about the subject.


Until the masses of other people recognize that they want those things. All the references to “head to the hills with my gun”, those people will end up at your doorstep

Have a lot of friends who are going to be where you are, two people do not an adequate defense make


The best plan would be to work towards becoming self-sufficient rather than flee to “the hills” in hopes that survival in the hills would be remotely possible.


I have a list of which neighbors I’m going to eat first. Does that count?


Donner…”party” of 39 :question: