Do You Fly the American Flag?

Funny article by one of the best! Being the bashful guy that I am, the one thing I can get behind as an outward display of respect for those that went before me is flying The American flag. Old Glory flies 24/7 at my home with solar lights to keep our great symbol of freedom illuminated for all to see. I lower my American flag to half-mast on appropriate occasions like 9/11 and Veterans Day. I also wear a backwards streaming American flag on my jacket. This particular American flag made a tour in Afghanistan with a combat vet. Backwards streaming? Because we are always moving forward…

Do you fly an American flag? If so, why?


I do from Memorial Day through Labor Day, pull it in and then fly it for Veteran’s Day.

Why do I fly it? Because I’m an American and I’m proud of and love my Country and that’s what the flag represents to me.

It’s ridiculous to equate flying the U.S. Flag with supporting any ONE particular President. It’s about the Country as a whole, the parts you love and the parts you hate because there are both and it represents both.

That’s why we should always strive to make our Country better (through whatever our talents might be) in order to make the parts we don’t like fewer and fewer and continue have it be a symbol we can all be proud of.

P.S…and I won’t even get into the personal meaning it has for me from receiving my father’s flag after his funeral as a young teen, to my service and what it’s meant for me in that aspect.


I fly an American flag in my office, because I was born in the USA and I am a proud American. The land of the free and the home of the brave. There is no better country.


@JamesR Agreed, the American flag stands for more than just one man. I included the Kurt Schlichter article because he makes some astute observations about quiet Americans. I haven’t heard any Republicans call for “Re-education Camps” and criminally prosecuting those voters supporting Joe Biden. Not what I would call “American Values”.


I too cherish the American flag presented to me at my Dad’s funeral - I have never unfolded it and it is prominently displayed in my home office (I’m retired).

Regarding the article, my wife has said for many months now that she is sure who that house is supporting whenever we see an American flag in a neighbor’s yard :slight_smile:

I live on an island with many Trump flags and signs on houses and in yards. There is a total of 3 Bidden/Harris signs on the island, at least that I have observed. Ironically 2 of them are on my street - my next door neighbor and the house on the other side of them.


I fly one every day when the weather is nice.

My Dad (who passed in 2016) was a Marine (Master Sergeant) in the Korean War. I have the flag from his memorial service in a stand with his dogtags. He also shot Expert with a pistol, hope that rubs off… Years ago he would walk up cold when we were shooting my .45 at 25 yds. He stated he’d take one shot for the chest(he did) and one for the head(he did). Both shots were dead center. His favorite saying was “The old guy’s still got it!”


@JamesR, @Gary_H and @Scott109 my heart goes out to you. The American flag has a deep and personal meaning to each of you. The flag I received from the government was when I retired from the military. I hope it will have a similar meaning when my children receive it.


Isn’t it great that we live in a Country where neighbors can have political differences and support those opposing candidates without being persecuted? We should keep it that way…(I’m talking to you main stream media).


Yes sir! They are both great neighbors I would trust with my life :+1: even though we don’t agree politically :smiley:


I fly an all-weather flag at all times, unless a big storm is coming. It is illuminated at night. No matter what happens in the dark days ahead, I will never strike our colors. Never! No matter what.

Our flag represents our great Republic. It is a powerful symbol of all that is right and true in America. These ideals are all that protect peace-loving citizens from the lawless mob.

May God bless and protect our Republic, our freedom, and our grand old flag. May God also bless and protect all those who defend this brave Republic and her patriots who love her.


We fly ours everyday


I have 3 of them on my front porch


I fly our American Flag proudly! And, I cannot say it better than those above. It reminds me every day of the oath I swore to protect our freedom. The flag is a symbol of our great Republic forever free and a nation under God!


About sums it up.


@Watchman I’m not tracking (no pun intended)… Are you the gent with the American flag sticking out from his hat?


@Jerry1 That is one of the most beautiful backdrops I’ve seen in a while! Perfect image and shared sentiment, brother.


I fly the American flag 24-7 with two solar lights on it. The Rebel flag fly’s under it, my heritage. The South Carolina state flag fly’s behind on a separate flag pole with the “Do Not Tread On Me” under it.


Yes, always!


All day, every day (it’s lit). I do take it down for snow storms.


Yes I do. Why? Really. …REALLY…Is that a serious question