Flags of a different nation?

Riddle me this all you Batman’s out there! I’ve wondered and have been extremely uncomfortable with this show of nationalism.
Why is it that all those ESCAPING their “homelands” to the United States from Panama, Venezuela, Mexico, Yemen, Pakistan, India, and every other country on the planet come here and claim refugee status, rush to illegally enter our beautiful and sovereign nation only to HANG THE FLAG, OF THE COUNTRY THEY SO DESPERATELY DESPISE AND RAN FROM, IN THE REAER VIEW MIRRORS OF THE STOLEN BMW’’s, Nissan’s, Honda’s, Cadillac’s, etc?
If you hated your country so much why do you display their colors in the cars that our TAX DOLLARS FUND?
This is not only a moving violation but it’s hate speech!
I would appreciate it, if you displayed the **AMERICAN FLAG or just silently return to your country of origin!
****** Maybe I’m missing something here???:us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us::us:
YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! Respect our country our values and our ways or please leave, thank you for visiting!

This same philosophy applies to the liberals that move from the states they screwed up and come to a state that has all the wonderful benefits they voted away in the hostile state they lived in before. Again, THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY STAYE NOW GTFO! They are like the Agent said in the Matrix, they are a VIRUS and should be treated as such. This is how we make our stand.



You’re spot on. It’s not immigration, it’s not even refugees. It’s an invasion.


It is the problem with the hyphen. You’re either something or you’re not. If you come here, you should be prepared to be American. This doesn’t mean losing a connection to your birthland, cooking and sharing foods you love, etc., but it should mean learn the language, fit in, share in all that we have…instead of destroying it.

My grandfather worked his a$$ off as a teen to get here, learn English, get a job, and bring the whole family here. He was treated like crap but never did any of the stupid things you see from the newcomers these days. What is going on now is detestable and we’re fools to tolerate it.


I agree. I know a few people from east Africa who immigrated here and have now became American Citizens and they absolutely love this country telling me they could never have the opportunities here in their old country. They even voted for Trump because of his America 1st policy. Because they believe in this country and believe that Americans should take care of themselves first. I had a friend who was Latino descent that I worked with, his father was a vet and his brother was also serving at the time this certain incident took place. Another person who spoke Spanish he was from Cuba was talking to my friend telling him how great Cuba was and it was so much better. Not knowing anything about my friend or his family. But he continued to boast how great Cuba was. So my friend asked him if it is so great there why are you here? The man said, “well to get political freedom”. So my friend replied, “Well then why didn’t you die there fighting for your freedom, because that’s what my family has done for my country America!!! He always flew his Stars and Stripes everyday. My family is the same, I come from a long line of veterans who have fought and died for this wonderful country and I proudly display my Stars and Stripes daily. My favorite holiday is my country’s birthday. I have raised my children to believe in family 1st, love your country, go to work everyday and don’t trust the government and I’m sending that same message on to my grandchildren.


I don’t believe that honoring your ancestry precludes your devotion to your current home. I grew up in a place where Irish and Italian flags were (and likely still are) proudly displayed. Those folks ancestors were not particularly welcome when they got here a hundred plus years ago but they are now considered Americans by most if not all.

It takes time to assimilate to a new culture. It will happen quicker if the folks who immigrate here legally are welcomed and introduced to the history and values that made this country a once great nation. Perhaps with their help we can make it great again.


I’m not sure where the boundary is. I’ve seen foreign flags flown where I got the distinct feeling they were an in-your-face-America statement, but I’ve also seen them as a proud-to-be-a-from-somewhere-else-American.

A lot of it has to do with the particular country, I think. There’s a big difference between flying the green, white, and red of Italy, vs. the red and yellow of the PRC. One feels cultural, the other political.

Flying the Mexican flag on 4th of July says something very different from flying it on Cinco de Mayo.

What I like the most is when I see someone flying two flags, say, from the back of their truck, the flag of their country of origin, along with the Red, White, and Blue. To me it says, I’m proud of my heritage, and proud to be an American. And that’s what our country is about.


Which state are you in Scott52 Sir, where this is happening?

I personally do not put much if any stock into peoples symbolic displays. I’ve seen plenty of people waving American flags or wearing religious symbols while doing things that are completely unAmerican and amoral. While some patriots will wave American flags not all flag wavers are true patriots. I prefer to judge people by their personal actions instead of making assumptions about what they are trying to virtue signal with their symbols. I have nothing against displays of national pride. I just don’t think that someone proudly displaying American symbols is necessarily a better American than someone who chooses not to. The United States of America is not a flag. It is a bold experiment based on the premise of liberty and justice for all.


I have several flags that I fly. And it depends on the day that I fly them. I have Old Glory that I will fly by itself. I also have an Israeli flag that I fly on special Israel Holidays. But I always fly Old Glory with it. I also have a Gadsden flag that I will fly by itself. But lately I’ve been flying it with a 2A flag that I have.

Over and out


I see foreign flags all the time. I don’t really have a problem with it. The foreign flags I see the most are probably U.K., Canada, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Colorado, and Parris Island. We’re all Americans, but a lot of people have family ties to other nations. No one seems to care unless it’s a nation out of favor.

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I appreciate your point about cleanliness. My own family complains I need to work on that. I think it demonstrates discipline. Although my family’s from Texas. I’m in Illinois. I’ll try to make it to the USCCA Expo this year in Texas, and also visit the graves of my ancestors there, to pay my respects. Sad that the Corona Virus prevented us from visiting our living relatives, broke my heart; But we all ought to visit our lost loved ones’ memorials, “that” … the Virus can’t prevent us from doing; IMHO.

Dear Scott52, are you in New York state or Texas? :grey_question:

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Very sorry you have to visit after the fact!
My wife and I are taking what I’ll consider dangerous choices right now when it comes to the grandkids. We haven’t seen some in years. I have 8. Just saw one of our grandsons (who’s local) this weekend, and possibly a granddaughter on Memorial Day coming from the northeast on a plane. I have expressed to my wife, in no uncertain terms, not a chance!

Don’t mean to be offhandish, I consider myself from all over, and will keep at that!

And what is wrong with that?

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Not everyone coming to USA is a refugee. A lot of us came here to keep American economy alive…
It is a barter. Better financial life for serving my new Country.
I still have a right to identify with my nationality.


There’s a word for this: xenophobia.

I immigrated to the United States in 2001. And last I checked, the First Amendment still protects my freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

If that offends someone, then so be it. You’re welcome to leave.


PS - your tax dollars didn’t pay for my pickup truck.


Hi BayouKid. Thank you! I’m USA born & bred. Once when I visited one of those other countries, I got into a dangerous situation, but a complete stranger risked his life, and saved mine. All accounts, we both should have perished, but we both survived. Stay safe brother in arms.

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That’s my whole point you came here to make our country your country and increase your odds of becoming whatever you’ve become! You didn’t come here to defund anything, steal jobs or sway elections!

Well put. What’s coming now is no where near the level of your patriotism!

And I’m glad you did, and you haven’t been living off my tax dollars. That’s my whole point, your contributions to everyone around us are probably immense. This was no meant to be offensive.
What’s offensive is an open border, which leads to a loss of sovereignty. I noticed your face is not covered with tattoos, and you didn’t strike me as a cartel leader assisting in human trafficking and murder for hire nor does it look like you jumped a fence to get here.
If memory serves, when becoming a citizen, an oath is required???
Throwing people over a fence is not my idea of immigration!


I feel incredibly guilty for my VA disability benefits. I felt I had no choice. So I try to do good to help others with my experience and finances.

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