Deployment of national guard…defunding

Now that the National Guard is doing the job of civilian police forces, what happens when the National Guard shoots a black man are we going to defund the military :question: legitimate question!
What if they have to put someone in a chokehold? Are we going to prosecute the military


The more sinister plot Brother is :
Is THIS^^^^^ the Reason for the whole ‘Defund the Police’? deal?
First you defund the Cops , then Law and Order go out the window
so Naturally you convince the Sheep WE HAVE to bring in the Guard !
Crime is out of control! DUH!
Now you basically gave the .gov permission to Patrol and deter Crime
with their Military. Are Tanks on the Corners next? .
Stalin is smiling!


I was under the impression that this sort of behavior on the part of the government was not permissible! I could be wrong!

The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law (18 U.S.C. § 1385, original at 20 Stat. 152) signed on June 18, 1878, by President Rutherford B. Hayes which limits the powers of the federal government in the use of federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States


Let’s hope that the Guard personnel are allowed to at least carry side arms.

A while back Mike Bloomberg forbade NY National Guards to be on the streets of NY City. He only trusted the NYPD to be “on the streets our city armed with guns”.


The whole “defund the police” business was to “get the attention” of agencies.

Many of the people who support such gestures would be the first to dial 911.

Posse Commitatus came from abuses during “Reconstruction” after the War between the States. The Federal Army got arbitrary sometimes, with ‘drum head’ courts accusing people of crimes and then passing sentence on the spot.


Where did she dig up the correlation between carry bags and violence? This is eye candy - nothing more.


WE know who the Skells are!
Every body with a pulse knows it’s
NOT the (3)piece suiter’s and ladies wearing workwear.
This is MORE RESTRICTIONS under the guise of public safety.
‘Open your bag Ma’am, Lift up your suit coat sir?’
Disarmament to the max.
The Sheep say "Thank God the .gov is doing something!
While their RIGHTS and Freedoms get sucked away (and they don’t even see it!)
Soon there will be BARRACKS all over replacing the Cop shops.
‘Mother may I’ .gov restrictions for the Public good.
It’s insidious
and by the time the Sheeple wake up it will be too late
What’s next?:
Bar Codes tattooed on the backs of our necks
Same Same ‘Uniforms’ for the masses
You can’t buy that Car, Stove, Ceiling fan, Toaster for the good of the People.
Remember folks GEORGE SOROS was born in (1930) in Hungary…sounds about right!
where’s the armband?


The question is! Are they carrying live ammo, in their large capacity assault weapons!!!


That’s for the Regular Armed Forces. The Guard is under the command of the State government unless they are activated by the Federal Government so she can do what she’s doing. Kind of a neat way to get around Posse Comitatus, isn’t it

IT also calls to mind a quote from the Bruce Willis, Denzel Washington movie “The Siege”. “Using the military like this is like using a broadsword instead of a scalpel…”


@Eugene67 Welcome aboard, doesn’t get any better than this :exclamation:
Discussing the fate of a country 2024.
I’d rather have been flying around in my new car.



Actually as of today
.gov Hochul rescinded the ‘LONG GUNS’ The Guard
were carrying—apparently it freaked out the SHEEP!
Military Take over in the Subway’s N Streets continue.

Welcome to the Fold Eugene67 !
You’re right where you are supposed to be!


The “sheep” are in for a very rude awakening!


…‘Cattle cars’ on the old Trolly Lines perhaps?
Force march ‘MAGA’S’ into the Hudson river?

Socialism at it’s worst


exactly. They are not interested in solving the crime problem. It is theater.
Moreover, calling National Guard to deal with thugs indicates total failure of leadership, both the city and the state level.


Good question.

The USA has become so politically and racially divided, that it has become difficult to apply the law without running afoul of social justice warriors.

The only people who fail to see the impending and imminent collapse of American society are those who enjoy the comfort of residing in a predominately white, anglo-saxon community.


Some say if I need 30 rounds to hunt, I shouldn’t be hunting.
Well, if you need the National Guard to manage your city, you don’t know how to govern!
And I hear they’ve caved again and removed the scary rifles, I give it a week and she’ll have their hands tied behind their backs with pink ribbons!
When they do have to resort to the “chokehold” she’ll prosecute the guard.

What would happen if the entire guard turned their backs and walked away, phuck the oath, the government hasn’t held up their part of the oath! New Yorkers DO NOT DESERVE that level of protection. It was the government’s idea to DEFUND. They should live and or die by those decisions!


Hello and welcome @Eugene67

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Local PD :man_shrugging:t4:


The National Guard can be used by a governor for law enforcement if they are only on state active duty. If they are federalized, they are then, usually, limited by posee comitatus like regular Army Soldiers would be. There are and have been exceptions to this but that is usually how it goes.


I posted this in my Facebook page a few days ago for my friends and family:

Please feel free to share. Not a conspiracy theory, this is a well thought out plan that apparently only a small percentage of the population has figured out yet.

Governor Hochul is sending military troops to “restore order and prevent crime” into NYC. The reason for this is a training exercise. Just like everything she did for Covid was a conditioning plan to normalize complete control over NYS population this latest move is meant to normalize Martial Law.

The same is being done in other cities in the USA under Democrat control.

They will lose the next election and when their paid rioters (ANTIFA, BLM etc) set NYC ablaze they will send in the National Guard to control all citizens, just NOT the rioters.

This has been done over and over again in countries on their way to totalitarianism. Not a new game plan but folks are unaware because no one studies history or looks past their borders anymore.

This is how Chavez, Maduro’s predecessor in Venezuela ended up with total control of the country.

You read it here first…. Brace yourselves.


In a video I saw this morning they were stopping law abiding citizens so they could illegally check their bags at gun point in the NYC Subway…. They are training the sheep to compliance.


God I hate being right…. Chicago Mayor just announced he likes what NYC did so he’s doing the same. More to follow…

I just found out from friends that still live in NY that if you don’t comply with the illegal searches by armed military personnel you WILL NOT be allowed to ride on the train. Sound familiar?!?!?!?