Deadly Dog Attacks

If I were in the attack I would rather not have the OC causing the defenders to be temp blinded or have to back out of the fight cause they couldn’t breathe. The dog has a bite hold on his victim and is going to be able to take a lot of discomfort before giving that bite hold up.



I love dogs and I have dated women who had PitBulls as pets. I am NOT anti-Dog or Anti PitBull.
As a matter of fact, I am getting ready to purchase a black german shepherd.

PitBulls just like German Shepherds and Rottweilers must be carefully trained and treated with respect.

If a dog owner kicks or hits there dog every time they get frustrated with the dog and then the dog turns around and bites the owner or someone else. Is it the dog’s fault or the owners? I would say the owner’s fault.

However, it does not matter who is to blame if you are attacked by a dog. You have to protect yourself.

A couple months back a PitBull and a German Shepherd got in the yard of my church right as service was ending. We had a bunch of men and women in there 80’s coming out and a 70 pound PitBull barking and charging a 85 year old woman.

I got between the PitBull and the seasoned deacons and used body language and verbal commands to force the dog to leave the churchyard. My gun was on my hip and at one point I put my hand on my pistol but I never brought it out of the holster. I had no desire to kill the dogs.

However, my grandparents were there, and if my grandfathers fell it could kill him or leave him crippled… So if the dog would have charged him I would have killed the dog to protect my papa.

Now this incident was able to happen because the dog owners lost control of there pets and were not able to recall them.

Dawn in my experience if you treat a dog with love and affection then the dog will normally be sweet and loving. But not everyone treats their dogs with love some dog owners are cruel.


Left hand out with finger…right hand on weapon of choice…let the symphony of release proclaim demand from accurate timing of crescendo…left hand pointer thrust & wiggle, right hand aim & pull.

…not real sure which hand should be the dominant one, best to practice with ‘[e]ither.

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I have a black german shepherd as well :wink:

I 100% agree that you need to defend yourself if you’re life is threatened or your about to be attacked by a dog. My dogs can destroy tennis balls, hard plastic bones, and all sorts of other toys. But because of their training and our continual reinforcing of their training, I have no worry about them with my almost 2 year old granddaughter. They have stolen food from her when she’s walking around with it in her hand… but they’ve never bitten her or used their teeth to steal it.

I watched them lick her hand until she opened it – yes I watched. I had no concerns at all that she would be handled gently. They are her biggest fans and will cover for her when she makes a mess. They’re very smart dogs - and need lots of stimulus.

The only way they hurt me is when they think they’re lap dogs and try to lay on me. They weigh too much for that!


I like dogs. I’ve seen them heal the ill, “mans’ best friend” for a reason. Some give their lives for us.

I’ve also been bit. I try to carry mace sometimes. From the following vid, I suspect avoidance, and don’t stare or provoke helps.

Not so much related, but in this story, I had no idea a 40 caliber JHP could bounce off a dog’s skull – What do you think about that though?


The shallower the angle the more likely to have a bounce off or ricochet. :thinking: