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"Tampa police search for suspect who shot and killed dog during armed robbery
By Justin MatthewsPublished October 31, 2022 5:40AMTampaFOX 13 News

Tampa man’s dogs shot during robbery, police say
Justin Matthews reports

TAMPA, Fla. - While a Tampa man was walking his two small dogs – a block from his home – police said he was robbed at gunpoint and shot at. One of his pups was killed.

Geovanni Ruiz was walking his two seven-year-old dachshunds around 7 p.m. Friday on the 2600 block of W Powhatan Avenue, when a man approached him at gunpoint, demanded money, and fired his weapon, according to Tampa police.

The suspect fired about five shots toward the ground, striking Ruiz’s dogs.

“Scary for my doggy, scary for me, but it’s scary more for my doggy. This little doggy,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz said he was able to pick up both of his dogs and run back home. Then he immediately took them to an emergency veterinarian.

His dog, Bamby survived, but the other, Jacob, died from gunshot wounds.

“Some people are not good. Bad guy, it’s so sad,” said Maria Teresa, Ruiz’s wife.

The Tampa Police Department said detectives are actively looking for the suspect in this case.

The suspect is described as a thin African American man, who is about 6’4" tall. He was last seen wearing a black hoodie, gray sweatpants, and was armed with a handgun.

Anyone with information that could assist detectives to identify and arrest this suspect is asked to contact Tampa Police by calling 813-231-6130.

Tampa police search for suspect who shot and killed dog during armed robbery.


A sad story. Well, anyone who is part of this community knows how I feel about my dog. He is my best friend. I feel for this man and his family. I hope and pray that the Tampa police catch this SOB and prosecute him to the fullest extent. You see, some people may read that article and say, he shot the dog not the person- what’s the big deal. IMHO our pets are family. As I am writing this he is chilling with me here in my office keeping me company.


Okay, now how did this fit into the narrative? So that I understand the flow of the editorial, “did the assailant use a fake gun to shoot the dog?” I’m confused.

Okay, I see what happened. I now understand the flow having read the editorial. Initially, I just read what you posted, but having read the article, I see where I was thrown off.

Yeah, definitely sad that the man lost Jacob, his animal, but glad Mr. Ruiz is alive and would hopefully serve as a good witness after consulting with an attorney.


David237, sorry don’t know how that got into that news feed.
I corrected the entry.


It’s all good, my friend. I just wanted to read it correctly. No worries. Thanks for the link, though. That cleared up my confusion. :ok_hand:

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I definitely hope they find that guy and actually hold him accountable.


F that guy. What kind of jerk shoots someone’s dogs like that? I hope they catch him and get the conviction he deserves. Call me whenever you want, but someone assaults my dog like that, the news story would be way different. MSM: “dogs owner guns down innocent man that just needed money!”