Dashboard Issues

I’ve had issues with the dashboard properly showing numerous times now over the last few weeks. I show a menu down the left side with a white background versus the full color background with options. Has anyone else have this issue?

Additionally, when I click on training and even though I’m signed in, it gives me the general training things, and at the bottom it says upgrade to get additional features or whatever it says. It seems that finding micro lessons is only via the dashboard, and it’s not working for me.

Related, sort of, I liked the previous dashboard with menu options on the left, and now it seems that I have to click thru several pages to find one or another area that I want to explore. Is there a way to view the old dashboard (table of contents style)?

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Thanks for the feedback, @PiotrL! I know there have been a few minor hiccups recently with our website due to some changes on the back end systems. I’ll check with the tech gurus here and see if there are any current issues.

One thing I always recommend is to clear your cache and cookies. The system does seem to play better with Google Chrome than with other browsers.

If you could, can you let me know what browser/system you’re using (you can PM me if you’d like to keep that info private).



Thank you. I have cleared the cache and cookies prior to the post here. I use Firefox on a Mac. Firefox is updated and Mac is up to date too.
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