Dashboard disappear? Log in issues

Hi, got a icon on my cell that USED to go to my Dashboard… well it’s gone.
And I sign in almost every day to enter the giveaway and my accomplishment star for “first 5 logins” has never lit up.
So I’ve been logging out completely and signing in entering my credentials, still doesn’t give me my 5 logins star, and today it didn’t show any giveaways… what’s going on?
Sincerely, Bruno.
PS I’ve tried calling, long wait, leave a message with my landline bc the cell service in West Virginia is ancient and whoever calls disregards the message bc I’ve never gotten a callback on the landline however I get a notification on my cell that I have a voicemail, have to use my landline to access my cell phone vcmail only to have a vcmail saying they are returning my call…oh yeah, try listening to my vcmail left telling you to call my landline! Aug 2 was my 5 yr anniversary & I’m Elite Level


Hi @Bruno, sorry to hear technology is not being helpful! A few quick questions so I can dig in for you - which dashboard? USCCA.com or the Community dashboard?

Sorry for the phone tag issues too! I’ll make sure there’s a note on your account about phone calls.

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Actually the icon hasn’t disappeared on my cell, when I click on it now it goes to the join page and doesn’t have a place to sign in. In the upper right corner it used to show my initials then id click Member Benefits then perks and discounts and see the gun of the day giveaway

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You aren’t the only one having issues with the accomplishment stars. I’ve completed them, but “Back to Basics”, and “At the Range with an Instructor” but neither of those fill in. I reported it to the @moderators at the end of June, but it never got fixed. Since then I just gave up on reporting site issues and figure eventually they may get fixed, or users will just learn to ignore them and not care about it any more.


Actually this time just a minute ago, I kept trying to scroll down and lo and behold there’s a login button! So that did work and I got to my Dashboard, accessed all the tabs.
Only thing that still has yet to give me credit for is my 5 logins, which doesn’t really matter, just alerting your IT folks to a bug, a glitch in the matrix :peace_symbol:

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Déjà vu, anyone?

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I am happy that you were able to log in, @Bruno and I apologize for the issues that you are having. I will send you and @Fish a message directly so that I can address those specific issues that you are seeing with your accomplishments.

Is anyone else having the same issue as Bruno and Fish?


Thanks for the thread!

I use my PC to log in and stopped seeing the “daily giveaway” notice recently.
Don’t know if that still exists??

I also discovered that there are three access points.

  1. The App for reciprocity
  2. A portal for the Community
  3. A portal for the Dashboard

Live and learn!

:crazy_face: :crazy_face:


I think I understand a little more now about the Contest entry and logging in. It used to pop up in a banner right away when you logged into your Dashboard and that has changed with the new design. From your Dashboard, you will see on the top bar an option for “Perks & Discounts”. If you click on that, right at the top will show you the gun a day and that if you log in, you have been entered.

That page can be found here: https://my.usconcealedcarry.com/benefits/perks


I was having trouble with courses being marked as completed as well as accomplishments being logged. For me (on Firefox), it was a browser privacy issue. By default the privacy profile I use blocks certain kinds of cookies. So I went through each page and redirect from uscca.com to www.usconcealedcarry.com to my.usconcealedcarry.com, and added privacy exceptions for each. That did the trick, and all my achievements, visits, and courses started showing up.


Same problem… can log in to community and that’s all.

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Your second link gives me a black screen.

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Not surprising. I think it’s a pass-through redirect. It may not display anything, but instead just process info before sending you to the next url in line.

The website is a train wreck. I have constant complaints accessing my links.


The thought I had was all the months I signed in to enter if they ever recorded. Was however told to sign in thru your browser for the contests.