My app won't let me sign in due to server errors, after about a month of trying

Every time I try to sign in on my app to make things easier to look at and make resource allocation and acquirement more user friendly, it tells me the server encountered an error. When this pops up it doesn’t provide a code or any suggestions as to ways to get around it, and it’s been about a month since I started being intelligent about carrying. Thank you so much, USCCA for the service you provide, but your android servers hate me, lol.


@Michael1514 Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you. :us:
Either use @moderators on here or call * 800-674-9779.

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@Michael1514 - which app are you using? Which device? Which operating system?


Welcome to the family family brother @Michael1514 and you are blessed to be here.

Welcome aboard @Michael1514

I have been trying for over a week to get an answer from @USCCA

I’m in the same boat when it comes to the old App. It forgets my certificates. If I go to the Account tab it recognizes me and says I must be a member.

I have Emailed support but no answer.

The new reciprocity App works though.

I’m on IOS 15

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I’m using Android, and I didn’t realize there were different versions of the app. Thanks all for the welcoming.


haven’t ever been able to sign in on IOS on any USCCA app… they need to fix this. How are we supposed to get our information (that we pay for) on the go?

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@James1175 - welcome to the community.

Please understand that just because you are unable to log in, that doesn’t mean the server-side is broken. I have never had a problem logging in on my Mac or my iPhone.

Have you contacted USCCA directly about this via chat? They are very helpful.

@moderator - can you assist James?

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Welcome to the family brother @James1175 and God bless you

All I get is: AN ERROR OCCURRED ON CLIENT, for three weeks, still not fix. It on the computer and my phone.

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