Is anyone else having trouble getting the academy to load?

I tried to open the academy both last night and again today and all I am getting is a blank page. Is this happening to anyone else?


Call 800-674-9779 and someone will help you. USCCA 24-7-365 friendly help. :slightly_smiling_face:


It has been slow when I try to log in it buffers for 5 mins. before it opens the page. It has happened frequently the past few weeks.


Today was the first day in months I’ve regained access to the community page here. The traditional method would take me to a page requiring a supported site page message. How did I do it today? Mere luck. Happened to see a section of thumbs given / received scrolling down after logging in. It brought me to the community. There have been issues with attempting to access the training pages as well. “White wall screens. I’ve reported my findings via emails about a few issues with the USCCA website. They responded quickly that the I.T. Crews are looking into it. I can’t say with certainty what is wrong, but something isn’t right. Site is starting to feel monitored outside if it’s realm. It has me wondering. So to answer…, yes and more. Good luck.

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I have had success loading it on my cell phone 100 percent of the time. on tablets and desktops is a different story. Same problems as @Aaron40 mentioned, a lot of buffering and takes about 5 to 10 minutes to load if it does.