Dads Against Predators

How do you feel about this group? They excercise their right and is from Sandusky County. 3 of their videos lead to suicides and the county sheriff is asking them to stop as Sandusky county sheriff wants to do his own investigations.

All they do is expose pedophiles in public which can lead to bad things happening. As a CHL holder we’re told to not cause confrontation. How do you feel about the group? Their current YouTube page is this.

Below is the news article

And below is the DAP leader making threats against somebody.

Tell me your thoughts!

There was a series a few years ago with Chris Hansen… it is called To Catch a Predator. It was a big hit and the police welcomed the help… I’d ignore the sheriff and keep protecting kids by exposing predators.


But they’re literally not doing anything for the community. They’re antagonizing them in public and letting them go. No due process.


That’s my problem, no due process, no defense, no recourse against a mistaken case. VERY dangerous to put yourself in the position of being cop, judge, and jury, complete with passing a sentence. Just VERY dangerous is all I’m saying.


I will stand modified…and corrected.


I will stand modified…and corrected. Due process is the part that sets us apart from Red-Flaggers.


Exactly. In the age of social media, any mistake they make may be amplified hundredfold. Moreover, services of a group like this, capable of destroying reputations, may pretty well be for sale. Who is watching the watchers?
We all want to protect our children, and we all frustrate at the stories when Law and Order is unable to prosecute predators. But this is just an outlet for viciousness, and has nothing to do with justice.


I made comments on the FPD’s Facebook page about how I think DAP is reckless in these catches because you got some crazy doing whatever. You can’t control him in public, you don’t know what he has, and things can go down south real bad. And Ohio is a duty to retreat state. You can’t cause a situation and then defend yourself, you just can’t. The predator can’t get prosecuted, so if something goes down and the predator defends himself against 4 guys antagonizing him, they can defend themselves and get off. I’d rather have the sheriff come out, detain them, arrest them and lock em up and put them on a registry.

Somebody screenshotted my post and tried calling me a pedophile sympathizer. No where in my post did I try defending pedophilia.


“To Catch a Predator” was essentially a privately run sting operation that police were invited to participate. I support that. If the video went further into the investigative techniques, signs for predatory habits, and steps for determination of said suspect that this group, DAP, was using, I might change my mind on the following.

My main concern is what recourse is there in their organization for mistakes? What accountability is there? I’ve seen someone accused of rape and later exonerated lose his housing… after the accusation was proven false and the court said he was innocent.

Other examples… I’m mixed race, my father is white. When I was a child, a group of moms called the police on my father because he took me to a park in a new area. They thought he was kidnapping me, and the police questioned me and my parents at our apartment. Similarly, a friend of mine is white, and has a mixed race daughter. He, too, was accused of kidnapping or being a child predator a few times when he took his daughter places… especially because the mother never took her anywhere.

I’m absolutely against child molestation, rape, etc. However, if this was 40 years ago and this guy ruined my father’s life because of false accusations being posted accross the internet, or was to physically threaten or harm him, we would have a big problem whether he posted the second video or not. Now… someone caught in the act or acting to create such a situation, that’s a different story. Of course, I would think video of that would be prosecutable as well.


There, a good man and his entire family were humiliated. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”, said 1000 years ago and still rings true.


2 things:

  1. Pedophiles are parasites and don’t deserve any sympathy or compassion. Many of the pedophiles that chris hansen caught had duct tape, zip ties and rope in their vehicles. The biggest problem though is that Chris wasn’t law enforcement…so he couldn’t make an arrest and he didn’t always have law enforcement there to make an arrest.
  2. There’s another show coming up very soon that is being conducted BY deputized officers who will not only make arrests, but are doing the exact same thing as this group and to catch a predator.

I have a daughter and the single biggest fear I have are these parasites. Personally, not a tear is shed to learn they are committing suicide because they are revolting vermin who prey on innocent children and manipulate them into things too disgusting to list off here. I applaud this group for doing what they can to shine a light on the cockroaches. Law enforcement tends to have their hands full already. This isn’t to suggest I don’t respect law enforcement, only that there is only so much they can get to in a single week. Personally, I’m going to donate to these guys so they can do more to expose more parasites.

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Sorry but I disagree. These people they catch didn’t just happen to be at the same place for some innocent reason…they participated in a conversation with someone who identified themselves as underage and continued to converse with them and set up a meeting. This isn’t a bunch of guys who are “looking out for that young person” they are predators, rapists, pedophiles, and purely criminals.

Consider it this way. Someone walks into a grocery store and starts putting merchandise into their pockets and under their pants. So far, this is technically suspicious right…not criminal yet but certainly suspicious. Then they start walking towards the door and not the register. Now they are taking it from suspicious to criminal because they are making their intentions known and show no intention to pay for the merchandise.

These predators engage in a conversation with someone who identified themselves as underage. Suspicious. They then arrange a meeting with said underage person…also suspicious. By going to the site where the meeting was to take place, they made their intentions clear and there is little doubt left.

And the way that DAP is conducting these stings make them unprosecutable.

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Maybe, but at least now actual police know the perps and can build a case against them TO prosecute them.

I mean if you want DAP to conduct the investigations in a way that they can submit the evidence to police, then that’s a great suggestion and I’d love to see it. As it is though, I’d rather see something as opposed to nothing.

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This is a genuine slippery slope, especially in our era of QAnon witch hunts.
I’m 100% in favor of messing up predators. But the trouble is that in any witch hunt, hysteria is always the guiding force, rather than data, correlation, interpolation and research.

My biggest concern is this:
What happens when people start weaponizing groups like these against people they don’t like with some flimsy fabricated evidence?


The most important part of this would be identifying these people

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Kind of like Antifa BLM assaulting innocent people? No, I am fully 100% against that. If they are guilty, do not “sting” them, let LE do their job, as that is what they are there for. Smearing people to make headlines is never a good thing. Just imagine it was you, and they were targeting law-abiding firearm owners. Oh, you have a 17-round “clip”, and one or two spares, and knives, you must be wanting to kill people. Wholly wrong. Catch them doing the “dirty” deed, then you can state they are doing “good”.

  1. DAP are carriers. They carry and excercise their 2nd amendment right.
    As a conceal carrier we’re not supposed to get into confrontation, we’re not supposed to make threats like in the video below.

And what they’re doing is reckless.


100% agreed. The laws have to be able to be applied in an unbiased fashion. It can’t just be okay because it’s our team, because then the courts have to let it be okay when the bad guys do the exact same thing. And without those fair and unbiased laws, we are no longer a nation of laws. We become a nation where the strongest just arbitrarily get to do whatever they want to whomever they want.

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There is a secondary question we might ask? What happens as the De-fund the police where people live? What happens when the prosecutors decide to not prosecute offenders like they did for the looters and rioters in Portland and Seattle? This is not as rare as we could hope. We are at a apex right now in this country where some communities may have some hard decisions to make. We have seen cities burn and neighborhoods invaded and citizens dragged out of their cars and beaten, with no police in sight. If things get worse these people are going to seem like the vanguard of a new normal. I know kids are being abused and people want answers and results. If they want to stop things like DAP there will have to be extra effort put into solving the problem.

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