Dads against predators in trouble?

I’m from Fremont Ohio where Dads Against Predators originated, through backlash through our local police department and threats of being arrested, DAP decided to do their “catches” out of state. Where they pretend to be 14 year olds and catch predators on film.

Was alerted to this screen shot.

And then found this article.


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No different what any U.S. Law enforcement agency does. :man_shrugging:

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Law enforcement doesn’t run away after an encounter, and bring the handcuffs out.

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Ummm Jan. 6th. :thinking:

As a father myself I understand the motivation of this group very well. But the methods, entrapment, pretending to be children, are not to my taste. Because this is vigilantism, not police work, these Dads may suffer criminal and civilian consequences, that their families wont appreciate. Also I can guess conviction rate of the alleged predators they identify is 0. Same as Chris Hansen. I’d rather they do something else.


Glad to see his cell phone is near a full charge. I see posts like this, that’s what I look at. You never know when the power will go out, so keep your phone charged!


Uvalde, Parkland…not run away, just don’t bother to engage.


On one hand, I Get It. These scum bags need to be in fear of Dads or for that matter Moms. Hopefully it can be a deterrent.
On the other hand, They better be ready, some of this scum bags show up knowing it’s pretty much life or death and are afraid of getting caught. Not to mention, some of the evidence may not hold up in court…

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With the pretend kid enslavers trying to entrap pedophiles and pretend pedophiles trying to entrap kid enslavers I wonder if these two groups have ever trapped each other at the same time?

I have a young kid and want these sick evil people off the street as much as anyone but this seems like a dangerous game that might lead to criminals getting away with their crimes instead of getting caught. Think I’ll leave the policing to the professionals.


They left Ohio because Ohio law it does not hold up in court.