Situational Awareness 09/04/2023

Yesterday night while I took my son out for our dog to relieve himself while I kept watch. a guy pointed a gun from a car at my son while I was with him only 3 feet away and I didn’t catch it because I was not looking that way directly except peripheral vision. My son did notice though and we left. I waited to call the cops because last time I called them about a guy chasing my kids with a machete they didn’t do anything. I’m glad my wife convinced me to call them in about 2 minutes because the same people came back while the cops were here and had poured gasoline all over the car and the car was stolen. The 2 men saw the cops near their car and started running away. The whole point of this post is take your situational awareness seriously and train your family with your same situational awareness. No update if they were caught. Off to buy soft tips for my AR-15. By the way blink sucks at recording events, they are good for up close but not for recording mission critical events like this through a window. Do yourself a favor and buy something that has local recording continuously and cloud backup with more than HD. The infrared technology and pixel detection is no good at night through glass.

Happy Sabbath.

Update: no soft tip available. Added Model 301 12 gauge to collection of tools.


Either 4 months or 4 days early. :rofl::joy::v:

Just teasing dude. I’m the king of oopsie and auto correct mistakes. But if you really know the future, could you give me some hot tips for futures, stocks I can short, or sports. Asking for a friend… :kissing_heart:


OR go hollow point!


Didn’t think about that.

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